Charlie vs Dixie Who is more famous

Charlie vs Dixie: Who is more famous?

Charlie D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio rose to fame overnight via a Tiktok video. Their TikTok videos went viral around the world. These two sisters have had a spectacular ascent to fame thanks to their TikTok dancing and comedy videos. While Charli is the most popular user on the app, her older sister Dixie has also become well-known.

Charlie vs Dixie: Who is more popular?

Between the two beautiful D’Amelio sisters, Charlie is the more popular one. She has millions of followers on the app making her one of the most followed TikTokers around the world. She has overall 124.9 million followers while her sister Dixie has a total of 55.1 million followers.

The counts of their followers clearly show that Charlie is more famous than Dixie. In fact, Charlie was the one who introduced Dixie to her followers on the app. Not only on TikTok, but Charlie also starred in a Super Bowl commercial where she got a chance to dance and perform with JLo. Likewise, through the release of her own single and collaboration with high-fi brands, Dixie has also been able to gain popularity, but not as much as Charlie.

Why are they famous?

The D’amelio sisters originally from Connecticut were unknown to the world before Charlie uploaded her dance video of the song “Renegade” on TikTok in around mid-2019 which earned millions of views overnight. Then, they began uploading upbeat and engaging dance and comedy videos to TikTok on a regular basis. Charlie became able to earn more than 5 million followers within a week after she uploaded the ‘Renegade’ video. What made Charlie famous were her dance routines that are easy to replicate, girly looks, and a witty personality. 

Dixie, on the other hand, also got famous through TikTok but what made her known globally was the release of her debut single “ Be Happy” which reached rank 41 on the Billboard charts on the Emerging Artist list. Along with that, she has also acted in a TV series ‘Attaway General’ and has also worked with different famous brands.

Charlie vs Dixie Comparison

  • Popularity and Followers:

 In terms of being more popular and having more followers, Charlie wins against Dixie with a strong fan following of 124.9 million, while Dixie has 55.1 million.

  • Career:

Though the sisters started their careers on the same platform, they now have different career motives. Charlie is obviously a TikTok Star, Influencer, and media personality while Dixie is a singer and actor who also makes TikTok videos and follows all the trends.

  • Their Most Popular Video

Charlie’s most viewed and most popular video of her is the one where she is doing the Distance Dance with P&G, to motivate her followers to stay safe at home. This video has got an overwhelming 194.8 million views.

In the case of Dixie, her most viewed video is the one from February, in which she and Charli dress up and dance to JACK BOYS & Travis Scott’s OUT WEST. Despite the fact that Dixie notes that this version is a repost because the previous one was deleted, this video has surpassed all of her previous uploads for the year with an overall of 79 million views.

  • Their First Video

Charlie posted her first video on March 30, 2019. It is not the video that made her famous overnight. It is just a simple lip-syncing video that she has filmed with her friend. But her first ever-popular video is the dance cover duet video of the song “Lottery Renegade” which made her gain 5 million followers on TikTok within a week.

Likewise, when Charlie began to gain more popularity day by day, she made a TikTok Video with her elder sister Dixie and posted it, which made her sister gain followers rapidly.

Charlie vs Dixie: Who makes more money?

Charlie D’Amelio has a net worth of 8 million USD. She earns through her TikTok videos and sponsorship deals. As per the sources, she is granted at least a million dollars for a single sponsored TikTok video. Recently in early September 2021, her reality TV show with her family, The D’Amelio show was premiered. She also makes money from there. 

Charlie’s elder sister, Dixie’s net worth is estimated to be 3 million USD making her the 3rd highest earning TikTok star. Like her sister, she also earns through her TikTok videos, sponsorship deals, and music career. Her first debut song ‘Be Happy’ succeeded in accumulating over 80 million streams making it the number 1 trending video on YouTube.

It is clear that Charlie makes more money than Dixie since she has a net worth double that of her sister Dixie.

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Charlie vs Dixie: Who is older?

The famous TikTok celebrity Charlie was born on May 1, 2004, and her sister Dixie was born on August 12, 2001.

So, currently, Charlie is 20 years old while Dixie is 22. Hence, Dixie is older than Charlie.

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