BLACKPINK VS TWICE Who is more famous

BLACKPINK VS TWICE: Who is more famous?

Surviving today’s world as an artist is pretty hard. It takes a lot of hard work and time. The generation is being evolved now and then; specifically in terms of music. People’s taste in music is changing, allowing different artists to grow and achieve success. 

We can see newer generations/ youths are being more fascinated by Korean music/ culture or simply K- Pop. Accordingly, BlackPink and Twice being the biggest international, most loved, and followed girl bands – the question now arises “Who is Better, BlackPink or Twice?”

Who is More Popular: TWICE or BLACKPINK?

BlackPink rose from the mediocre stage which was in 2016-18. They have set a mark in the industry. Even though rising was pretty hard which made them come this far, they are still going through a mediocre time again! 

While, on the other hand, Twice has been able to be stable and ongoing with strong comebacks. Twice has been able to surpass BlackPink – leading to BlackPink being dry and losing supporters. 

Instead of working on movies and songs which are based on other languages, BlackPink as a whole should make a strong comeback, to be better again. 

However, their social media have a different scenario. The Instagram followers of BlackPink are higher with 41.3 million beating Twice, which has 20.4 million followers. Twice Facebook has over 6.5 million and again BlackPink has more with 17 million followers. 

Talking about Twitter now BlackPink has over 4.7 million followers, but Twice beats them with 8.6 million followers. 

Coming to the main platform from where all the magic started, Youtube, BlackPink has 66.7 million subscribers nearing the 20 billion mark viewers. Whereas, Twice has over 11.7 million subscribers with 9 billion views. 

Lisa tops all the other members of BlackPink in terms of followers on Instagram, and Jennie is second with 39.2 million followers. 

Accordingly, among Twice members, Tzuyu is the most popular one.

List of BlackPink and Twice Members

BlackPink Members

Lisa (Main Dancer)27 yearsMarch 27, 19975 feet 6 inches
Jennie (Lead Vocals)28 yearsJanuary 16, 19965 feet 4 inches
Rose (Main Vocals)27 yearsFebruary 11, 19975 feet 6 inches
Jisoo (Lead Vocals)29 yearsJanuary 3, 19955 feet 3 inches

Twice Members

Jeongyeon (Lead Vocalist)27 yearsNovember 1, 19965 feet 7 inches
Jihyo (Leader and Main vocalist)27 yearsFebruary 1, 19975 feet 3 inches
Chaeyoung25 yearsApril 23, 19995 feet 3 inches
Mina 27 yearsMarch 24, 19975 feet 4 inches
Nayeon 28 yearsSeptember 22, 19955 feet 4 inches
Momo (Main dancer, rapper, vocalist)27 yearsNovember 9, 19965 feet 5 inches
Dahyun (Lead rapper, vocalist)26 yearsMay 28, 19985 feet 3 inches
Sana (vocalist)27 yearsDecember 29, 19965 feet 6 inches
Tzuyu (Lead dancer, vocalist, visual, Maknae25 yearsJune 14, 19995 feet 7 inches


The fans of these successful girl bands, known as “Blink” and “Once” respectively, must be curious about what their loved band’s net worth is. 

Reviewing the net worth of both the successful girl bands, Twice as a group has a net worth of $35 million, approximately while BlackPink as a whole has around $24 million. Both the bands are quite lavishly living and paid. 

Individually, BlackPink members are worth about $8 million among which Lisa (Lalisa Manoban) has the highest net worth of around $10 – 13 million followed by Jennie (Kim Jennie) around $10 million. 

Twice members between $1 and $1.5 million, where Mina Sharon Myoi (Mina) has approximately around $3 million net worth followed by Sana Minatozaki (Sana) with approximately $2 million. 

BLACKPINK vs TWICE popularity: 2024

As we know, 2020 has been rough and hard for everyone. It is considered an unforgettable year that has led us to expect worse in the year 2024 and beyond; also it has brought possibilities, hope, and new opportunities.

Twice going through a mediocre period too has made a stronger comeback surpassing BlackPink. BlackPink has had fewer activities going and near to nothing for their audiences in recent years. While Twice always has a busy schedule that attracts fans and increases their popularity.

Twice has better and stronger sales including albums than BlackPink which is also a reason why BlackPink has lost popularity compared to Twice.

Who is more beautiful: BLACKPINK or TWICE?

Despite how rich and how high both the band members are paid, BlackPink and Twice, they too fail at times at making their fans and supporters happy, leading to controversies and a decrease in their fame. 

As said by someone great, success and money blinds or makes people lose their attitude. BlackPink is the best example to support this statement. 

Many Blinks have stated BlackPink is rude and disrespectful, as they already have everything. Unlike them, Twice has been better and well-mannered, thoughtful of their actions and words which is making them grow bigger internationally than ever.  

Personally, Twice members are more appealing, beautiful, and prettier than BlackPink. Just as mentioned above, Twice is much sweeter, making their personality stand out and making them beautiful as for BlackPink often being rude, degrading their beauties.

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Who is Superior: BLACKPINK or TWICE?

The two girl bands, BlackPink and Twice have been a huge success for Asian, Korean culture, Music to be known around the globe. Despite this, both BlackPink and Twice have their strengths and weaknesses including an image. 

BlackPink is considered more of the edgy, erotic type whereas Twice is cute and girly. These factors also come as the reason for popularity, superiority, and work. 

Based on the fanbase of both the bands’, BlackPink and Twice, BlackPink is superior because of the early success and 4 million copies of their album being sold around the globe with just 3 albums. 

As for Twice, it has been consistently average but they are growing stronger recently. 10 million copies of their 20+ albums have been sold which is low as compared to BlackPink. 

Looking on the bright side, both the girl bands, BlackPink and Twice have achieved success. They are hardworking and have done a lot to survive and flourish in this music industry. They have been supportive of each other. 

Both BlackPink and Twice praise one another for their choreography, talent, and concepts. 

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