How To Find A Netflix Licensed Literary Agent?

Licensed literary agents are people whose main job is to obtain broadcasting or publishing rights to turn written works, especially books, into TV shows or films.

These agents work as a bridge connecting the writers and the networks who want to create broadcasting projects out of the works of these writers.

No specific people or literary agents have been working directly under the renowned streaming company Netflix.

However, agents from different firms have been working indirectly as literary agents for it.

Besides these agents, other people like attorneys, producers, managers, and even entertainment executives who have previously worked with Netflix are also in the picture.

These people also create communication between the writers and Netflix and bring great projects to the streaming site.

How To Find Them

With the help of the Internet and Google, finding anything, including licensed literary agents, is possible. 

It may be time-consuming and even may need patience, but it is possible to find agents online.

To get in touch with a few of these agents, IMDBPro can work magic. 

One needs an IMDBPro profile, and one can research different literary agents or people who can pass their writings to Netflix for an adaptation. 

The Pro account has features that allow one to get in touch with different agents and people who work or have worked with Netflix before and might help the writer to get their writings to the streaming site.

However, how we pursue these people after getting their contact through their IMDB pages is up to us.

We should be careful while reaching out to these agents genuinely and respectfully.

Netflix Literary Agent List

No licensed literary agents are working directly under the supervision or pay of the streaming network.

However, several literary agents have previously worked with Netflix and have a good business relationship with it.

Here are some agents who might help to acquire rights to stories and characters and bring them to Netflix.

  • Maria B. Campbell
  • Diana Tyler
  • Annabena Shaks
  • Katie McCalmont
  • Jerel Damon
  • George Hart
  • Vital Butinar
  • Marcos Fizzotti

How do I Submit My Writing to Netflix?

One cannot submit their writing or their script directly to Netflix as per their requirement.

We have two ways to submit our writing.

Through Literary Agents

The writers can search for literary agents or firms like Maria Campbell Associates, which have been working closely with Netflix.

You (writer) can contact these literary agents or firms through the Internet and email their scripts.

However, before sending your scripts, you should make sure your work is well-formatted and well-curated.

Through Producers, Entertainment Executives, Managers, etc.

Another way to submit writings to Netflix is by going through people, such as producers, managers, etc., who have previously worked with the network.

One can get the contact details of these people through their IMDB pages or the internet.

And many times, contacting these people might be the best way to send your writing.

Through Publisher Marketplace

Writers can also look for licensed literary agents and others who can help submit their works to Netflix through searching sites such as the Publisher Marketplace

These sites allow writers to get in touch with people who have worked in the related field for quite some time.

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