Drake vs Kanye Who is more famous

Drake vs Kanye: Who is more famous?

Drake and Kanye West, these two names are very popular in the hip-hop industry. Both of them are loved, followed, and worshipped by millions. 

Let’s compare and take a look at their net worth, popularity, success, and so on.

Drake vs Kanye: Who is more popular?

To compare them on the basis of social media followers, both of them have a massive fan following.

Aubrey Drake Graham, globally known as Drake was born in October 1986. He grew up with music as many of his family members were a part of the musical industry. His first ever released mixtape “Room for Improvement” achieved satisfactory 6000 copies in 2006, which was the beginning of his career in the world of hip hop.

In current times, he is loved by his fans for his songs like God’s Plan, Hotline Bling, One Dance, In My Feelings, and lots more.

Drake has a whopping 70 million Instagram followers, and he uses the platform to show off his high-flying lifestyle. Along with that, he has over 39.2 million followers on Twitter and an impressive 20 million subscribers on his Youtube Channel. 

Likewise, American rapper Kanye West was born in June 1977. His success as a producer during the late 90s and early 2000s led to a highly successful solo career. He is the husband of popular beauty icon “Kim Kardashian”. He has collaborated with many singers and has produced tons of songs. Some of his most popular albums are Late Registration, Graduation, and so on.

Kanye is not quite active on Instagram. In fact, he deleted his account back in 2018 but eventually came back and now has followers of around 8.5 million. Though Instagram is not his thing, Kanye has a highly impressive 30.8 million followers on his Twitter account and around 7.3 million subscribers on his Youtube Channel.

So, numerically, on the basis of their fan followers, it is concluded that Drake is more popular than Kanye.

Drake vs Kanye: Net Worth

Both the rappers are quite wealthy.

The Canadian-born rapper, Drake has a net worth of around 200 million USD. Drake’s earnings rank among the highest of any artist. Singing and Rapping are the primary sources of his money but besides that, he is also an actor, brand ambassador, record producer, and songwriter. His salary is around $70 million per year.

On the opposite hand, Kanye West’s net worth is around 1.8 million USD. From his musical pursuits, he makes an estimated $90 million. His fashion label, Yeezy, pays him between $150 and $200 million in royalties. He is one of the wealthiest fashion designers, singers, rappers, and songwriters around the world.

Drake vs Kanye: #1 Hits

Kanye West and Drake are both hugely popular musicians that have had a lot of success in their careers.

There have been 9 number one hits for Kanye West on the Billboard Mainstream R&B/Hip Hop chart, whereas 37 for Drake. Not only that, but Drake has been on the Billboard 200 chart for 386 weeks. Kanye, on the other hand, has spent 155. Clearly, the numbers indicate that Drake has a big advantage.

Drake vs Kanye: Grammys

Kanye West has received 21 Grammy Awards and has been nominated 70 times, making him one of the most prestigious performers of all time and the most Grammy-awarded artist of his generation. While Drake has received only 4 Grammy awards but has been nominated 47 times till now. 

Drake vs Kanye: Album Sales 

Drake has seven studio albums, to mention a few ‘Thank Me Later’, ‘Take Care’, ‘Views’, etc, three compilation albums ‘Care Package’, ‘Nothing Was’, etc, two extended plays ‘So Far Gone’ and ‘Scary Hours 2’, seven mixtapes, 139 singles (80 as a featured artist), five promotional singles, and 84 music videos under his belt. He has sold a massive 200 million units of records worldwide. That makes him one of music’s all-time best-sellers.

On the other hand, Kanye West has released ten studio albums namely ‘The College Dropout’, ‘Late registration’, ‘Graduation’, ‘808s & Heartbreak’, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’, ‘Yeezus’, ‘Jesus is King’ and two others, two collaborative studio albums, one compilation album ‘Cruel Summer’, two live albums, one video album ‘Runaway’, and four mixtapes. He has sold around 21 million albums along with 100 million digital downloads globally. 

Drake vs Kanye: Who is Better?

Both artists are gifted with their talents and are amazing at what they do. They both have contributed significantly to the hip-hop industry. But to find out who is better, we are going to compare their awards and achievements here.

As mentioned earlier, Drake has been honored with 4 Grammys while Kanye with 21 Grammys. But besides Grammys, they have won many other privileged awards.

Drake has won overall 192 awards including 4 Grammys, six American Music Awards, a record 27 Billboard Music Awards, two Brit Awards, three Juno Awards, and many more.

In the case of Kanye, he has won a total of 271 awards including 21 Grammys, 2 American Music Awards, 3 Antville Music Video Awards, 8 ASCAP Pop Music Awards, and many more. 

So following the counts of awards and nominations achieved, Kanye West seems to be better than Drake.

Drake vs Kanye: Who is annoying?

Some might find Drake as the annoying one while some might find Kanye more annoying.

According to the sources, Drake is considered annoying by people because of his egotistical nature which was caught in the act a few times. People also think that he craves controversy and makes senseless and not a bit unique music. Though he sells millions of albums and gets billions of streams on Spotify, some still think that he is just an annoying typical rapper.

Likewise, people find Kanye annoying because of his immature acts. He has never stopped embarrassing and humiliating individuals. Every year, he adds to his annoyance, never repenting or apologizing for his deeds. Kanye has a habit of not engaging his head before saying or behaving, which some refer to as “immaturity.”

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Drake vs Kanye: Are they friends or Do they have any beef against each other?

Kanye and Drake can NEVER be friends.

Both singers have always been very competitive with each other. Their beef started in 2016 when Kanye on his Saint Pablo Tour spilled that Drake and DJ Khaleed used bribes to get more airplay on radio stations. After this incident, in 2017, Drake denied the accusations and they even paired up on an album named “More Life”.

But what broke their friendship was a diss track named “The Story of Adidon” where Kanye’s artist Pusha T leaked some information about Drake’s son. And till today, they have bad blood between them. They have written songs implying to each other which has led to more dislike between them. On Trippie Redd’s new song “Betrayal,” Drake has some words for Kanye. Then Kanye texted an image of the Joker to a gaggle chat (apparently including Drake), alongside the threat, “You will never recover.”

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