Tonya Shamrock [Ken Shamrock’s Wife] | Bio, Net Worth, Children, and Career

Who Is Tonya Shamrock?

Tonya Shamrock is an American entrepreneur who is recognized as the wife of MMA Wrestler and UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock. 

How Old Is Tonya Shamrock?

Born in Reno, Nevada, in August 5, 1967, Tonya Shamrock is 56 years old.
Her zodiac sign is Leo, whereas her nationality is American. 

How Much Is Tonya Shamrock’s Net Worth?

According to 2024, the estimated net worth of Tonya Shamrock is $4 million to $6 million.
The prime portion of the earnings was made by her husband, Ken.
His source of income was from the UFC, MMA, WWF, and wrestling circuits worldwide.
After retirement, Ken shifted his career towards business as he is the President of Valor Sports and founder of a fighting school called Lion’s Den.

Is Tonya Shamrock on Instagram?

Her Instagram handle is “@dtshamrock”, where she has around a thousand followers as of now, whereas her husband’s handle is “@kenshamrockofficial”, where he has over 100 thousand followers. 

Has Tonya Appeared in Movies?

Shamrock is not a professional actor, but she has been featured in a few movies and documentaries.

Her notable work was on a biopic movie of her husband, Ken Shamrock. 

It was named “The Greatest Fight” and released on June 18, 2015. She portrayed herself in the film, which was about the career path of Ken becoming the legend he is today in the UFC arena.

She was also seen in the fictional war movie “The Bunker” in 2014. This pretty much sums up her career in the entertainment industry.

Who is Tonya Shamrock’s Husband?

Tonya Shamrock is married to a well-known wrestler, a UFC Hall of Famer, Kenneth Wayne Shamrock, famous as “Ken Shamrock.”

Born on February 11, 1964, in Warner Robins Air Force Base in Georgia, Ken Shamrock is currently 60 years old.

He was born to Diane Kilpatrick, a dancer and waitress, and Richard Kilpatrick, in the United States Air Force. 

Ken Shamrock stands 6 feet 1 inch tall (185 centimeters) with a weight of around 95 kilograms (200 pounds). He is powerfully built with a reach as long as 190 centimeters.

He was listed in the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight divisions. 

Moreover, he is recognized as the godfather of mixed martial arts.

He is a professional MMA fighter and was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2003.

Ken is the first-ever Pancrase Heavyweight World Champion which was held in Japan.

Following his retirement, Ken Shamrock became the President of Valor Sports and founder of a fighting school called Lion’s Den.

When Did Tonya Shamrock and Ken Shamrock Get Married? 

Tonya Shamrock and Ken Shamrock tied the knot in 2005 following the divorce from his first wife, Tina Ramirez, in 2004.

It was hosted behind the door; only their family members and close friends attended the wedding.

A few WWE superstars were also present at the wedding ceremony. Further information about the venue and date is not available in the media. 

How many children Do Tonya Shamrock and Ken Shamrock Have?

According to reports, the couple has a daughter named Rebecca Shamrock. The information related to her age and education is not available in the media. 

However, Ken Shamrock has other children from his first wife, Tina Ramirez. Their names are Connor Kenneth Shamrock, Fallon Marie Shamrock, Ryan Shamrock, and Sean Garret Shamrock.

Altogether, he has seven children, including three stepchildren. 

What Does Tonya’s Daughter Rebecca Shamrock Do?

It is reported that Rebecca Shamrock is also a professional wrestler. She decided to walk in her father’s footsteps, Ken Shamrock, as she is seen in MMA matches across the United States. 

She Owns a Dog 

Tonya Shamrock has a beautiful dog named Lexy which she adopted in 2011. The breed of the dog is Siberian Husky. 

What Is the academic qualification of Tonya Shamrock?

The information related to her educational status is not available in the media.

However, our research suggests that she completed her primary education and high school degree from a local university in Reno, Nevada. 

What is Tonya Shamrock doing now?

At present, Tonya is assisting her husband Ken in their businesses. She is the owner, secretary, and treasurer of Ken Shamrock, Incorporated. 

Who are her parents?

The information related to her parents and siblings is anonymous. Our team is constantly digging deep to extract the hidden information. Stick with us; the data will be updated once we find it out. 

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