Beyoncé vs Taylor Swift Who is more popular

Beyoncé vs Taylor Swift Who is more popular?

Music over the years has evolved through the good and bad. It has made people change their tastes and try different varieties of music. The Hollywood industry is growing and has a lot of competition whether it be within actors or singers.

Becoming the longest-running solo singer in 2006 with the song “Ring the Alarm”, Beyoncé (Beyoncé Giselle Knowles) has won hearts and brought huge respect to the R&B Group. Since then she has set up a high rank for competitive singers, firing the competition. 

Bringing back to back hit songs over the years she has proved herself and has done herself proud, from – “Halo (2008), Single Ladies (2008), Love On Top (2011), Flawless (2013)”, along with a list of other great songs she has been the “Goddess”. 

On the other hand, a 31-year-old, who started her musical journey at 14 as a teenager is considered one of the renowned singer/songwriters, Taylor Swift (Taylor Alison Swift). She is known for her songs which come out of her own experiences which in itself is unique. From her first song “Tim McGraw (2006)” to songs such as “White Horse (2008), All You Had To Do Was Stay (2014), Tolerate it (2020)” followed by other beautiful songs have made the way for her success. 

Both artists have different types/tastes of music. One is known for her R&B pop hip-hop soul and the other for her country music. 

Who is worth more: Beyoncé or Taylor Swift?

Despite how different and soulful women both Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are, one artist is considered better than the other. Beyoncé being the world’s best-selling recording artist and actor has an extraordinary voice thriving through her musical journey for about 24 years now. While Taylor being the craze of younger generations mostly has had a musical journey for about 17 years now. 

Beyoncé is also known for her charity work and for how humble she is as a person. She has made huge contributions to the “Survivor Foundation”, helping the victims of the hurricane in Katrina followed by her achievement of being the co-founder of “Chime For Change” – a platform for women empowerment and many more. She also comes under having the least controversy in the industry as an artist. 

On the contrary, Taylor Swift has a series of controversies that have also affected her music career. Her fans, known as the “Swifties”, are far away disappointed by her lack of involvement in the “Black Lives Matter movement”, which in turn made her lose her supporters.

Net worth and Album Sales: Beyoncé vs Taylor Swift

Coming to the net worth of both the artists, Taylor Swift has a net worth of about $360 million unlike Beyoncé, who has a net worth of about $500 million beating Taylor and paving her way. 

Album sales are very important for an artist. Beyoncé has over 74 million album sales making her the Queen in the sales chart while Taylor Swift with 31.4 million sales. Here are the details of Beyoncé albums:

Album NameDetailsSales
Dangerously in LoveReleased date: 23rd June 2003Format: CD, Digital downloadLabel: ColumbiaAltogether/ Globally:  11,000,000 (eleven million)US: 5,000,000 approx.UK: 1,000,000 approx.
B’DayReleased date: 1st September 2006Format: CD/ DVD, Digital downloadLabel: ColumbiaAltogether/ Globally:  8,000,000 (eight million)US: 3,000,000 approx.UK: 500,000 approx.
I Am… Sasha FierceReleased date:14th November 2008Format: CD/ DVD, Digital downloadLabel: ColumbiaAltogether/ Globally:  8,000,000 (eight million)US: 3,000,000 approx.UK: 100,000 approx.
4Released date: 24th June 2011Format: CD, Digital downloadLabel: ColumbiaAltogether/ Globally:  1,000,000 (one million)UK: 700,000 approx.
BeyoncéReleased date: 13th December 2013Format: CD/ DVD, Digital downloadLabel: ColumbiaAltogether/ Globally:  5,000,000 (five million)US: 2,000,000 approx.UK: 400,000 approx.

Fan following (Social media): Beyoncé vs Taylor Swift

As social media has become the way for fans and supporters to connect with the artists, the numbers here are in huge difference too. Queen Bey (Beyoncé) has 208M followers on Instagram and Taylor Swift with 178M. Going through their Facebook page, Queen Bey has 56 million followers, and Taylor Swift has 76 million followers. 

Taylor Swift is again ahead of Queen Bey with 43.4 million subscribers on her YouTube with 65.2 million views, Queen Bey having 23.6 million subscribers with over 13 billion views – that is jaw-dropping. 

Who’s more famous: Taylor Swift, Beyonce, or Rihanna?

Taylor Swift has competition with Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears along with Beyoncé. Especially with Beyoncé and Rihanna, Beyoncé has been a clear-cut win but Rihanna has set her mark too following Beyoncé, having more chart-topping singles than Taylor Swift. 

Both women, Taylor Swift and Rihanna are nearly on the same page as Taylor has more Instagram and Youtube followers with Rihanna having more on Twitter. Talking about their worth, Rihanna has over $600 million which is higher than Taylor’s, marking her as the most extravagant artist by Forbes. 

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Who has more Grammys: Beyoncé or Taylor Swift?

The Grammys award is vital for artists to make their success path and their future. Beyoncé has a total of 28 Grammy awards and 70 nominations for the same, marking her as the first female artist to win 28 Grammy’s. 

Likewise, Taylor Swift has won 11 Grammys and 32 nominations for the same marking her as the twelfth female artist on the Grammy chart. However, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift are remarkably good artists.

Overall, Beyoncé (Beyoncé Giselle Knowles) and Taylor Swift are both extraordinary talents that are known worldwide. So, who is better among them? Well, we leave it for you to decide. 

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