Check the List of Ugly WNBA Players

WNBA, or the Women’s National Basketball Association, is home to some of the most talented American female basketball players.

Though the WNBA is not as popular as the NBA and receives lots of criticism from time to time, it is still full of female players who are as good as the NBA players, if not better.

These females are the perfect example of beauty and skills, but it is not always the case. There are times when the fans set beauty requirements, and any WNBA player who does not meet this is considered ugly.

Here, we will talk about a few of the WNBA players whom the fans called ugly. 

Chamique Holdsclaw

The first on the list is the former Washington Mystic small forward Chamique Holdsclaw. Holdsclaw started her career with Mystic in 1999 and played eleven seasons in the WNBA for four teams.

She has six WNBA All-American titles to her name and even had her picture on the cover of SLAM, but fans still criticized her for her looks.


Fans often comment on her basic facial features and large forehead and place her below the beauty standard, only to call her ugly.

Lisa Leslie

The second one on the list is Lisa Leslie, former WNBA player and present head coach of Triplets in Big3. Leslie played in the WNBA for eleven seasons in the center position. Her journey in the WNBA started and ended with the Los Angeles Sparks.

During her time in WNBA, she won two WNBA championships and four Olympic gold medals, but even such achievements could not save her from the gossip of the fans.

The fans often called her out for her lack of feminine facial features and commented on how harsh her face looked.

Breanna Stewart

The list continues with the power forward of Seattle Storm Breanna Stewart.

Stewart is a two-time WNBA Finals MVP and two times WNBA Champion, who has been playing basketball professionally, nationally and internationally, since 2016.

She is a star athlete who has performed extraordinarily on the court, but the fans still comment on her facial features. They find her skills appreciable but are judgemental about her looks.


They often call her ugly for having broad facial features like a man and also comment on how big her teeth are.

Sabrina Ionescu

Sabrina Ionescu follows Stewart on the list. Ionescu began her journey in the WNBA with New York Liberty in 2020. She has played only for two seasons but has already achieved the title of All-time leader in career triple-doubles in NCAA.

Ionescu has earned a lot of achievements within a short period and even owns the record of being the only NCAA basketball player with 1000 rebounds, 1000 assists, and 2000 points in the NCAA Division I.


However, when it comes to beauty standards, fans often call her ugly for her long and masculine face. 

Teaira McCowan

Another WNBA player on the list is Teaira McCowan, the SEC Player of the Year. McCowan initially played for Indiana Fever before making a switch to Dallas Wings. She is one of the most anticipated WNBA players, and people thoroughly enjoy her time on the court.

Unattractive WNBA Player Teaira McCowan

However, when it comes to her appearance, they are skeptical. She often faces negativity for her small-slender but long face.

People also point out how she has a large forehead and looks more like a man.

Diana Taurasi

The last one on the list is the star point guard or shooting guard of the Phoenix Mercury, Diana Taurasi. Taurasi has a glorious career in the WNBA that she started in 2004.

She has five Olympic gold medals and three WNBA championships to her name. She has achieved many other achievements during her career and is a force to reckon with on the court.


Taurasi is even a fan favorite on the court if we talk about skills, but fans do not hesitate to call her ugly for having a weird forehead and hairline. They even go as far as to comment that her sharp nose makes her even less attractive.

She is also among the players that most fans hate.

Though these WNBA players do not meet the beauty standard set by the fans who call them ugly, they are still a force to reckon with on the court.

These players prove that skills come before beauty on the court and people still come to watch them play despite calling them ugly.

They also inspire other young females with insecurities to work hard and achieve their dreams.

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