Most Hated WNBA Players [2024]

When we talk about WNBA, we think about the tall and athletic female basketball players we admire and respect.

However, it isn’t always the case. Despite having incredible physiques and looks, there are few WNBA players whom the fans hate because of their behavior.

Here are a few WNBA players who have received hate from the fans.

Skylar Diggins-Smith

Skylar-Diggings Smith, the point guard of the Pheonix Mercury of the WNBA, is the first on the list of most hated WNBA players.

Diggins Smith is a talented player who claimed the WNBA Most Improved Player title in 2014. She has many supporters because of her skills.


However, at the same time, she also has many haters because of her nasty temper on the court.

The WNBA player does not hold back and often gets into fights, both with the referee and her teammates.

Once, she even got ejected from the court after complaining about the referees’ decision.

Liz Cambage

The second one on the list is Liz Cambage, who recently played in the center position of the Los Angeles Sparks.

Cambage has years of experience in the field and has played for many national and international basketball teams. She has many achievements to her name and also controversies.


Last year Cambage got accused of using racist remarks and foul play against Nigerian players during a practice match. A video went viral where Cambage elbowed one of her opponents on the head and slapped another. The video also caught her calling her opponents monkeys and telling them to return to their country.

Though the WNBA player denied all the allegations, the evidence was against her, and so were the fans.

Sophie Cunningham

The list of the most hated WNBA players continues with Sophie Cunningham. Cunningham is a star WNBA player who has consistently played for the Pheonix Mercury since the 2019 WNBA Draft.


She is outstanding on the court but has received much hate on more than one occasion. Cunningham came onto the radar for the first time after clashing with fellow WNBA player from Chicago Sky, Kahleah Cooper.

She then tweeted some snarky tweets on Twitter, which received lots of hate from the fans.

However, it was just the start as she received more hate than before for retweeting the tweet of Josh Pate, where the CBS sports host was protesting against transgender participation in the NCAA swimming event for women.

Arike Ogunbowale

Another star player who also fell on the list of most hated WNBA players is the point guard of the Dallas Wings, Arike Ognbowale.

Ognbowale is a force to reckon with on the court and has skills that could make any basketball fans drop their popcorn.

However, even with such skill, Ognbowale receives a lot of criticism and hatred.


Recently, during a game against the Seattle Storm, the skilled WNBA player got ejected for kicking a ball to the stand, and it was not the only time she had shown such behavior.

She has also thrown bottles and kicked on the advertisement board out of frustration while still on the court.

Diana Taurasi

While talking about the most hated WNBA players, we can never miss out on Diana Taurasi, who has been part of controversies for some time.


Taurasi is often known for making many fouls while on the court. She also receives a lot of backlash for being aggressive with the referees and her teammates.

She was in a heated argument with fellow teammate Skylar-Diggings Smith while they were on the bench during a game. It got so big that people had to separate them. And it was not the only time Taurasi lost her calm.

She even pushed a referee during a game and got rejected though she later clarified that she did not do it intentionally.

Kelsey Plum

Kelsey Plum is the last on the list of the most hated WNBA players.

Plum, who recently won gold in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, is a star WNBA player who has improved over the years and brought her A-game to the court.

However, despite her effort on the court, she still gets hatred for her lack of sportsmanship on the court.


People often catch her glaring at the referee when the decision is not in her favor, and in one of the games, she even pushed the referee.

Because of her short temper, Plum still faces backlash and hatred.

All these WNBA players mentioned above prove that skills and looks are useless if one does not have the right attitude and behavior.

Despite playing for well-known successful WNBA teams and having great careers, these ladies still have to go through the wrath of the fans because of their lack of sportsmanship and ill behavior on the court.

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