Phoebe Remy (Jerry Remy’s Wife) | Age, Net Worth, Bio, & Family

Phoebe Remy is the widow of the late former MLB player-turned-expert sports broadcaster Jerry Remy. Phoebe met her later husband when they both were working at retail in Fall River, Massachusetts, and instantly hit it off.

Phoebe was married to the former second baseman of the Boston Red Sox and California Angeles in 1974 and had three kids together, two sons and one daughter.

The couple was married for forty-seven years before Jerry died of lung cancer. Jerry had undergone surgery to remove a small cancerous mass from his lungs in 2008 and had many relapses.

Despite fighting against cancer for so long, his body gave up, and he took his last breath on October 30, 2021.

Quick Summary

How old is Phoebe Remy?

Phoebe Remy is 70 years old.

Is Phoebe Remy still alive?

Yes, Phoebe is still alive.

Where does Phoebe Remy live?

Phoebe now lives in Fall River, Massasschutes, USA.

Popular NamePhoebe Remy 
Real NamePhoebe Remy 
Maiden NameNA
Date of birth1954
Age70 years old
Place of birthPortugal
Current ResidenceFall River, Massasschutes, USA
SpouseJerry Remmy (Gerald Peter Remy)
SonsJared Remy and Jordon Remy
DaughterJenna Remy-VonderHeyde
GrandchildrenArianna Remy
Net worth15 Million USD
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Phoebe Remy’s Net Worth

However, after the death of her husband, Phoebe might have inherited all of her late husband’s wealth, making her net worth 15 million USD.

And even if the inheritance gets divided, she will still get millions of dollars to her name.

Early Life and Family

According to sources on the internet, Phoebe was born in Portugal but later moved to the USA.

There is not much information about her life before meeting her late husband, Jerry.

But, her life after dating and marrying Jerry is very public.

Phoebe and her children have always been in the limelight for being the family of a legendary sports commentator.

Along with this, they also have been in the limelight for different legal issues.

Phoebe and her later husband were parents to three children, out of which the eldest has been the most troublesome.

Eldest Son Jared’s Arrest and Issues

Their eldest son, Jared, was fired from Red Box as a security guard as someone reported him for selling steroids.

Besides this, he had many other issues that never left Phoebe or her husband at peace.

Jared was diagnosed with aggression and dyslexia and even enrolled in an education program oriented toward children with behavioral and learning problems. 

He had a lot of issues with his former partners and many even issued restraining orders against him as he was abusive and even violent.

Jared even lost the custody of his first son with his former partner because the court ruled that the latter was more responsible and liable.

Despite countless arrests and trials, the last nail in the coffin was when he killed one of his former partners, Jennifer Martel.

Martel was one of his girlfriends whom he had dated and even had a daughter named Arianna with her, but because of his violent nature, the two had a bad relationship. 

Things were so bad that Martel had a restraining order against him and even took him to court.

The court did not find Jared guilty, and on the request of Phoebe, Martel did not extend the restraining order, according to her mother.

Despite everyone thinking things got sorted out, Jared and Martel fought, and the former stabbed her till she was dead.

Jared then got sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of ever getting parole, and the court gave the guardianship of his daughter to the Martel family.

Though Phoebe and her later husband had appealed for the custody of their daughter, they settled on visitation rights.

Second Son

The couple had a hard time with their firstborn, but even their other children faced a few charges.

Their secondborn, Jordon, was also arrested for assault and battery in 2010.

Jordon, drafted by the Red Sox during the 1999 MLB Draft and had a great future ahead, was also arrested for underage possession of alcohol.

Despite being drafted, he never played baseball at a professional level.


These arrests were not only limited to the sons of Phoebe as even her youngest daughter, Jenna, was in police custody for breaking into the house of her former lover.

She even got arrested for an assault like her brothers.

Jenna had a troubled past like her brothers, but now she is a happily married woman.

Phoebe did not have luck with her children, as every one of her children had been to the police station.

However, during her husband’s final years, her daughter came around.

Jerry, who got cancer for the first time in 2008, had many relapses, and during those times, Jenna was with him and Phoebe and took care of them.

Phoebe’s Husband and Relationship

Phoebe met her late husband, Jerry, in 1972 when both worked at a retail shop in Fall River.

She was just twenty, and Jerry was twenty-two when they met each other for the first time.

Jerry worked at the retail during his off-season and instantly fell for Phoebe.

The couple dated for two years and tied the knot in 1974.

Though the marriage was not always perfect, Phoebe shared that Jerry was never abusive.

Instead, when people questioned the couple on their upbringing when their kids caused trouble, her late husband took the blame and stated that he might be a bad parent, but Phoebe was a great parent.

The couple had a lot of incidents because of their children, but they faced all of them together.

They never separated during their four decades of marriage and were married until Jerry took his last breath.


Phoebe had not shared any details about her educational background.

So, there is no information when it comes to her academic qualification.


While Jerry worked in front of a large audience in the limelight, Phoebe chose to stay out of it.

She never mentioned what she did for a living after marrying Jerry.

She used to work at a retail shop before she met her late husband, but after that, there is not much information about her career.

So, we can assume that while Jerry worked in the limelight and earned for their family, Phoebe became a homemaker and stayed back to look after their children.

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