Most Popular NBA and WNBA Couples

Though the NBA and WNBA are competitive platforms for basketball, just for different genders, fans are biased towards the NBA over the WNBA. They often keep the NBA over the WNBA and have plenty of criticisms for the latter.

However, many NBA players considered the WNBA equal to the NBA and even fell for the WNBA players. Today, we will share a few beasts from the NBA who dated or married the beautiful players of the WNBA.

Candace Parker and Shelden Williiams


The first pair is the power couple, Candace Parker and Shelden Williams.

Candace Parker is the two-time Olympic gold medalist who has been playing for Chicago Sky since 2021, and Shelden is the former NBA player with all-time Duke records for rebounds and blocks, who is currently busy as a coach.

The power couple of professional basketball tied the knot in 2008 and even had a daughter together before parting ways in 2016.

After the divorce, Parker married fellow Russian basketball player Anna Petrokova.

Susan King Borchardt and Curtis Borchardt  

The second pair on the list is the former point guard of Minnesota Lynx, Susan King Borchardt, and her 7-foot-tall former NBA star husband Curtis Borchardt.


Susan and Curtis went to Standford University. They met each other when both were healing their physical injuries. Susan was recovering from her ACL injury, and Curtis was recovering from a stress fracture.

They started dating in 2003 and eventually got married.

The couple got waived from the national team, but they still are together and proud parents to their eldest son and twins.

Tina Thompson and Damon Jones


The list continues with the former power couple of the national basketball team, Tina Thompson and Damon Jones.

Tina is a former WNBA superstar, who took her team to win the WNBA title four times and even served as a head coach, and her former boyfriend Damon is also a star NBA with the title of CBA Scoring Champion of 1999.

They never got married.

The former couple has a son named Dyllan together (Born in 2005) but is not together. 

Nina Earl and Russell Westbrook


The current point guard of the Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, and his talented wife, Nina Earl, also joins the list.

Westbrook started his career in the NBA at the 2008 NBA Draft and is an Olympic gold medalist.

His wife, Nina, is also a talent on the basketball court though she has not been a part of the WNBA.

Despite not competing in the WNBA, Nina is still a star basketball player as she was a Pac 10 player and played basketball for UCLA along with her husband, Russell.

Brittney Griner and Anthony Davis


Another pair on the list is a rumored couple of Brittney Griner and Anthony Davis.

Brittney, who plays for the Phoenix and got locked up in Russia in February 2022 for some drug-related charges for 10 months, was in a relationship with the eight-time NBA All-Star power forward and center of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Brittney dated Anthony after divorcing fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson, but the relationship was short-lived.

The strong basketball couple parted ways and then got married to other people. 

Monica Wright and Kevin Durant

The last one on the list is a former couple of the national basketball teams, Monica Wright and her former fiancé, Kevin Durant.

kevin durant monica wright

Monica played for multiple WNBA teams before retiring in 2016 and pursuing a career as an assistant coach.

However, her three-time Olympics gold medalist former partner, Kevin, is still active on the court playing for the Brooklyn Nets.

Monica and Kevin were close friends in high school before dating and getting engaged in 2013.

However, they called off the engagement, and Monica married another basketball player Michael Rogers.

Final Words,

Some of the couples mentioned on the list are together and have the perfect couple goals, while others have parted ways and are enjoying their life separately.

However, irrespective of the circumstances, all these couples are or were forces that terrified fans in the court.

And now, fans believe many of them have passed their perfect basketball qualities to their children.

Fans have high expectations from the kids of these couples or former couples to conquer the court like their parents.


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