Why Are So Many WNBA Players Lesbians?

[Though we try to explain the real reasons for so many WNBA players coming out as lesbians, it still is all about their personal preferences. ]

The WNBA, or the Women’s National Basketball Association, has some fearless female players with ball skills. These WNBA players are proud of their ball skills and their sexuality.

If rumors are true, more than 98% of the total WNBA players are lesbian, and many are open about it.

These players do not hide the fact that they are into girls, and some are even dating or have married fellow WNBA players.

With so many lesbian WNBA players, we have come up with some theories. Everyone has their type to whom they are attracted, and it comes naturally.

However, sometimes there are external factors that create the bigger picture.

Today we will talk about some theories behind why the WNBA players are attracted to other females. Simply put, Why are so many WNBA players lesbians?

Masculine Sport

Many researchers have recognized basketball as a masculine sport involving lots of sweat and body contact. Because of the whole setting of the game, the WNBA players start acting like the opposite gender.

These female players even develop interests similar to that of a man, including being attracted to females. 

Masculine Traits

The WNBA players are built differently than other females and are not our regular females. They are tall like a man and even have muscular bodies.

They have more masculine traits in them compared to feminine ones. This presence of masculine traits makes them popular among other females and even among their fellow teammates.

WNBA Player Breanna Stewart is married to her former teammate Marta Xargay

Bold Nature

While playing a rough masculine game like basketball, the WNBA players develop bold characters along with other non-feminine characters.

These players grow interests and likings that do not follow the stereotypes associated with the gender roles in the past and are bold. This boldness often leads them to develop a feeling for other females and have intimate relationships with them.


Another reason behind many WNBA players coming out as lesbian is their egoist behavior. The WNBA players have an egoist character that is lacking in regular females.

And since even men are greater egoists, there is a clash between these two, leading many WNBA players to turn into lesbians despite dating men in their past.

Diana Taurasi is married to Australian retired professional basketball player Penny Taylor

These female players find it easier to communicate with other females than have an ego clash with men.


Like the ego, having a competitive nature also pushes a WNBA player to become attracted to other females.

Many researchers have stated that females playing games such as basketball tend to develop competitiveness, which does not go well with the typical male population of society.

So, instead of competing with men, the WNBA players find comfort in the same gender, as females have a nurturing and caring side.

Gorgeous Divas

Besides all the above reasons, one of the obvious ones behind many WNBA players turning lesbian is that the WNBA is full of divas.

These divas are both beautiful and talented. They are attractive to look off the court, and seeing them play gives butterflies to people irrespective of their gender.

Most of these WNBA players look like models we would see in a top fashion show and is a force to reckon with on the court.


The last one on the list is the WNBA players connecting at the deepest level with each other.

While in the NBA, the men are rough and tough and always try to hide their feelings, the WNBA women are expressive and vulnerable and are the most incredible supporters of each other during hard times.

It creates a connection between the WNBA players, and the fact that they share the same mindset and hardship makes them more compatible with each other than with any men.

Chamique Holdsclaw with wife Cara Wright

We might come up with many theories with scientific facts supporting them, but at the end of the day, being attracted to someone is a natural process.

So, though we try to explain the real reasons for so many WNBA players coming out as lesbians, it still is all about their personal preferences. 

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