Marshmello Vs Alan Walker Who is more popular

Marshmello Vs Alan Walker: Who is more popular ?

Electronic music has come to a trend that is done great justice by Marshmello (Christopher Comstock). He is well known for his helmet that is considered to be his symbol/signature.

Similarly, Alan Walker (Alan Olav Walker) is another such artist who is popular for his DJ skills and YouTube. He wears a black hoodie and face mask as his signature on the stage. Both Marshmello and Alan are an inspiration to the younger generations for doing something unique and which is not done by every other person.

So the Ultimate Question -Marshmello Vs Alan Walker: Who is more popular ?

Both artists have their skills and ways of doing things, making it difficult to judge them against one another.

Despite the early success of Alan Walker, he has fewer Spotify listeners than Marshmello. He has over 19 million monthly listeners whereas Marshmello has over 47 million monthly listeners. Coming to YouTube, Alan has over 40 million subscribers with 10.5 billion views and Marshmello has over 53 million subscribers with over 12 billion views.

Fan following/ Social media

As fans/viewers decide on the success of the artist, it is important to have a huge fan base for recognition and fame. Social media, being a source where audiences are connected with the lives of artists, keeps track of how big and popular one is.

Alan has over 8 million followers on Instagram, Marshmello again has higher which is over 29 million followers. Accordingly, on Facebook Marshmello has about 18 million followers whereas Alan has around 7 million followers.

Net worth: Marshmello vs Alan Walker

Marshmello is the oldest among both talented, skillful artists. As for being the eldest one among both, his number with everything is pretty high compared to Alan Walker. Marshmello has a net worth of around $40 million making him fall second on the list of highest-paid DJs globally.

Alan has a net worth of around $18 million and is still successful enough to attract more youths.

Musical Journey

The first song “Fade” produced by Alan Walker –was released in 2014 which was later in November of 2016 remade into a vocal version “Faded”. It instantly took a hit and pulled over a huge number of audiences. It has over 3 billion views making it the first EDM track to break that milestone.

On the other hand, Marshmello’s first release was on Soundcloud, “Wavez”. He started producing more, adding to his Soundcloud, and later in 2015 performed in New York which started his musical journey.

There isn’t much to be discussed or to look upon with Marshmello and Alan Walker, as they are both successful on their own and have no rival history with each other.

Who is older: Marshmello or Alan Walker?

Marshmello (Christopher Comstock) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States on the 19th of May 1992. He is a 32-year-old Taurus. 

Alan Walker (Alan Olav Walker) was born in Northampton, the United Kingdom on the 24th of August, 1997. He is a 26-year-old Virgo.

Love Life: Marshmello 

Having a love life, out of their public life being an artist is pretty hard. There’s everyone keeping an eye on you to disclose hot news. As for now, Marshmello is single, not dating anyone. 

He too like other celebs like to keep his love life private that’s why there is no record or evidence of his past relationship. But he did have 1 girlfriend in the past.

Family Details: Marshmello

As Marshmello keeps almost everything lowkey and private, there is no track or details about his family.

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Love Life: Alan Walker

Alan Walker is currently in a relationship with Vivi Niemi but as per research, we have no information about more details about his relationship.

Family Details: Alan Walker

Alan Walker along with him has 5 members in his family: His father- Philip Walker, his mother- Hilde Omdal Walker his siblings- Andreas Walker and Camilla Joy Walker. According to Alan his family has been a huge support on his journey to date and is thankful for every bit. 

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