Celebrities with Underbites – No. 6 is From the Royal Family

Underbites or clinically called prognathism is a condition of teeth where the front teeth of the lower jaw grow further and overlap the front teeth of the upper jaw. These are not as common as overbites, but still, there are many with underbites, including some celebrities. We will be talking about a few of these celebrities who are known for their underbites. 

Popular Celebrities with Underbites

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The first on the list is the handsome and charming actor of The Dark Knight Rises, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The talented actor, singer, and filmmaker has a visible underbite that he constantly hides. He doesn’t even smile with his mouth open in fear of flashing his underbite. However, on rare occasions when he smiles by showing his teeth, his underbite can be seen.

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is one of the very few celebrities who are not afraid to show his underbite. The successful boxer and businessman is the UFC Champion and even owns his liquor brand Notorious Irish Whiskey and has more fortune than many other celebrities. Along with massive wealth, he also has a prominent underbite, both of which receive equal attention in Hollywood.

Reese Witherspoon

The highest-paid actress of 2019, Reese Witherspoon, is another celebrity having underbites. The Academy Award for best leading role winner also has an underbite that once was the talk of Hollywood. Despite having faults in her teeth, she is still one of the most successful divas in Hollywood. She still has a cute and warm look that draws her audience to her projects. 

Jesse Plemons

Jesse Plemons is a talented American actor known for acting in many TV series like Breaking Bad, Black Mirror, and movies like The Irishman, Game Night, etc. Plemons has been working on the screen since he was just a child. After working for so many years, Plemons has made a place for himself in Hollywood. Besides his talent in acting, he is also famous for his underbite, which is prominent during his interviews.

Colin Jost

Another name on the list is Colin Jost. Jost is the charming writer of the popular show Saturday Night Live and the co-anchor of the Weekend Update. Jost also happens to be the husband of the successful actress Scarlet Johansson, with whom he just welcomed a baby boy this year.

Besides being in the limelight for his comic timing and talented wife, Jost also gets a bit of attention for his underbite. However, not many notice his underbite as everyone is busy either laughing at his joke or appreciating his good looks.

Kate Middleton

When we talk about underbites, it’s not a thing only for regular people or celebrities. Few royalties also have an underbite, but instead of hiding, they flaunt it gracefully. One of these royals is the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William.

The Duchess of Cambridge also has a visible underbite, but people are so mesmerized by her beauty that no one pays attention to it. Instead, many find her underbites attractive as the Duchess has a warm and beautiful smile.

Seth Rogen

Another celebrity on the list is the talented Canadian stand-up comedian turned actor Seth Aaron Rogen. The two-time Golden Globe Awards nominee always gives a good laugh to his audience.

The Interview and The Green Hornet star is best known for his down-to-earth nature and honesty, even if it means being honest about his underbite. The talented Rogen smiles brightly with and without showing his teeth, and his fans love both of his smiles.

Woody Harrelson

The last one on the list is the Guild Award-winning actor Woody Tracy Harrelson. The Hunger Games actor has been part of many great projects and has worked beside some big names of Hollywood like Robert Downey Jr.

Over the years, Harrelson has built a great fan base who loves both his acting and personality. His fans are so loyal that they even consider his underbite a part of his charming personality and love to see it whenever he is on the screen.

Is an Underbite Unattractive?

Having an underbite is a dental condition where the severity differs from person to person. Some have not-so-obvious underbites, and everything looks normal, while some are so severe that when they open their mouth to smile or any other instances, people instantly notice their underbites. People tend to find these severe underbites repulsive. 

However, among the celebrities, the cases differ. Some of these celebrities are so talented that their fans even love them with their underbites. There are also a few whose underbites make them look bad and even mess up their expressions on the screen.

Is it Rare to Have an Underbite? 

Underbites are not as common as overbites or other dental conditions. However, these are not rare. 

Out of every twenty people, one is most likely to have an underbite. These underbites might be caused by different causes in different individuals. Some might get it from their heredity, while others might get it because of other conditions like tumors or injuries or bad childhood habits etc.

Does Correcting an Underbite Change Face Shape? 

In many cases, simple procedures like putting on braces or an upper jaw expander can treat underbites. 

However, in severe cases, the dentist will suggest jaw surgery. There will be more or less change in the shape of the face after the treatment in all methods. Since, after the treatment, the teeth will come in a perfect alignment from the misaligned original state, it will bring changes to the face. 

The changes might or might not be visible depending on the severity of the case and the individuals.

Popular Celebrities Who Have Treated Underbites

Many celebrities and their fans have accepted their underbites. But, there are still some celebrities who took help from the dentists to fix their severe underbites. The humorous host of The Jay Leno Show, Jay Leno, and the three-times Academy Awards nominee actor, Tom Cruise, are some celebrities who underwent dentistry procedures to correct their underbites.

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