Taylor Swift vs Ariana Grande – Who is More Popular?

The American music industry is a vast platform where there is a place for every artist despite their genre. These artists have their fan following and also their charm. Every one of them is equally talented at what they do. However, there is always a comparison between two artists based on their work and fandom, especially when they are super famous and successful. 

We will be talking about two of the biggest names in the American music industry, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, who often get compared with each other.

Who is more popular, Taylor or Ariana?

Both Taylor and Ariana are two of the most cherished and celebrated artists. These two have their fandom. 

The fans of Taylor like to call themselves Swifties, while the fans of Ariana go by Arianators. Both Swifties and Arianators have massive loyalties towards their idol.

Despite both Swifties and Arianators existing in large numbers, the Swifties include a great range of age groups compared to Arianators. 

While Ariana is more popular among girls in their 20s, Taylor has the heart of girls of every age. Swifties include girls who are in their teens to those in their 20s and 30s.

Even the little girls who have just been introduced to music, dance, and enjoy the works of Taylor.

Though Taylor and Ariana have their style and fans, their works motivate their female audience.

If we go through their social media, they are neck to neck when it comes to popularity. Taylor has massive followers of 88 M on Twitter, while Ariana has only 84.3 M.

However, the case gets reversed when we go through their Instagram. Ariana has an unbelievable number of followers on Instagram that has reached 267 M, whereas Taylor has 179 M.

Taylor Swift vs Ariana Grande Net Worth

Both Taylor and Ariana are a few of the greatest artists that the American music industry has witnessed.

Both of them have great careers and have a massive fan following, not only in the USA but across the entire globe.

However, when it comes to net worth, Taylor has made more for herself than Ariana did.

By 2024, Taylor has a huge net worth of 400 Million USD. Ariana has also worked hard and made her net worth 180 million USD.

Though Arianas net worth seems comparatively less than Taylor’s, it still is a hefty sum of fortune.

Taylor Swift vs Ariana Grande: Album Sales

Taylor and Ariana have established themselves as two of the best singers, and their album sales are proof of it.

To this day, Taylor has released nine studio albums and two re-recordings, and many record-breaking songs that helped her win eleven Grammys and make forty-nine Guinness World Records to her name.

Unlike Taylor, Ariana has only released six studio albums and has two Grammys and twenty-seven Guinness World Records to her name

Taylor has sold around 200 million records of her songs throughout the globe, while Ariana is also chasing the number by selling more than 85 million only in the USA.

Who is a better singer, Taylor or Ariana? 

There is no comparison between Taylor and Ariana when it comes to being the better singer.

Both Taylor and Ariana have their skills with which they have been able to be at the top of the music industry with millions of followers.

While Taylor is more focused on being a country singer with a touch of pop, rock, and electronic genres, Ariana is into pop and R&B.

Taylor pours her heartbreak stories into her songs and makes them more personalized. Likewise, Ariana also does the same, but hers are more into the inspirational side than the relatable side.

It’s like Taylor is our best friend from our neighborhood while Ariana is like our counselor at school. 

Ariana motivates us towards women’s empowerment through her songs. Unlike Ariana, Taylor rants about her personal life to us, and at the same time, inspires us to overcome any hardships that life throws at her. In the broader picture, both console and motivate their audience. 

However, if we take the evaluations from critics into consideration, Ariana has a broader vocal range than Taylor. She has four out of eight octaves which is closer to Mariah Carey with five octaves. Unlike Ariana, Taylor has only three of the eight octaves.

Despite the difference in their skills, both of them receive great love and affection from their fans. Even after so many years of their debuts, their fans still listen to them and appreciate their work.

Who is more beautiful, Taylor or Ariana?

Taylor and Ariana have their distinct personalities and appearances and stand out as two strong female artists on many occasions.

While Taylor is our strong girl next door with blonde curls, beautiful blue eyes, and a great height, Ariana is our gullible short friend from high school with dark brown eyes and hair.

We might praise Taylor for being the beautiful diva that she is, but at the same time, we love Ariana for her cuteness.

Taylor reflects the bold and beautiful side of a female, whereas Ariana reflects the cute side.

Without any dispute, both Taylor and Ariana are beautiful in their way.

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