8 Popular Celebrities With Overbites – And Why You Failed Noticing Some!

Overbites, also known as misaligned bites, is a common dental condition where the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth.

Many people, including celebrities, have overbites. Some examples of celebrities who are known to have overbites include singer Miley Cyrus, actor Tom Cruise, Cindy Crawford, and more.

Fans cherish the talents of celebrities before judging their appearances. It has motivated a few celebrities to embrace their flaws and flaunt them rather than hiding them.

Here are a few celebrities who made it big, despite having overbites.

Freddie Mercury

The first one on the list is Freddie Mercury, the legendary lead vocalist of Queen.

The British songwriter was always the talk of Hollywood until the day he died. Most of the time, he used to be in the limelight for his songs and his sexuality. Besides these, his appearance also got its share of attention.

Mercury had a peculiar look because of his teeth. His upper jaw had four extra teeth resulting in an overbite. His overbite was so prominent that people even started calling it the Freddie Mercury Overbite.

The singer was very conscious as people called him Bucky because of his overbite ever since he was small. However, he never tried fixing it up because he was scared it would affect his voice.

Eva Mendes


The gorgeous former actress, Eva Mendes, is another celebrity who is famous for their infamous overbites. She has given wholesome performances in movies like Ghost Rider, Bad Lieutenant, 2 Fast 2 Furious, etc. All these have made her one of the most celebrated actresses and beauties of Hollywood.

However, things were not the same when she was growing up. Her family used to tease her by calling her Bugs because of her overbite. It left a negative impression on her.

She started feeling insecure and even compared it to a bottle opener. But with time and support from her partner and children, she has come around to accepting her flaws.

Rock Hudson

The veteran actor of Hollywood, Rock Hudson, was also one of the celebrities who had to go through difficult times because of his overbite.

The lead of the show McMillan & Wife was one of the most loved heartthrobs of his time, ruling both the movie industry and the TV industry.

Despite being one of the talented and natural actors, someone poked Hudson to get dental help to make his appearance more appealing to the audience. He took the advice and went through the procedure. His newly aligned teeth are evident in the latter days of his career. 

Denzel Washington


Denzel Washington is the two-time Oscars Award-winning actor best known for his movies Glory, Training Day, etc.

He is also the actor who received the title of the greatest actor of the 21st century. He was hugely responsible for reconfiguring the concept of classic movie stardom.

The great actor is famous for his natural acting as well as for his overbite. During his early days, Washington had a prominent overbite, but he fixed it with the miracles of dentistry.

Cindy Crawford

The stunning supermodel, Cindy Crawford, is one of the celebrities who had difficulties because of her overbite. The 5’9 ft gorgeous model had a bad history of prominent overbites and even some crooked teeth.

She thought the way her teeth looked would surely ruin her career. So, she took some dental help and got the brilliant smile that we can see now. She braced her teeth twice to mend her teeth.

Cindy fixing her teeth was not a worse decision as she was all over the runways, on magazine covers, and even considered an international celebrity.

Jessica Paré

Jessica Paré is a gorgeous and talented Canadian actress who rose to fame through her role in the TV series Mad Men and SEAL Team. After gaining success, she appeared on the big screen and worked on several movies like Brooklyn, and Hot Tub Time.

Besides her shows and movies, Paré also gets attention because of her overbite. Her teeth even became the most associated term for her. The actress has a prominent overbite, and she is not embarrassed about it at all.

Instead, she gets surprised when people around her make so much fuss about it.

Miley Cyrus

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The singer of the hit song Wrecking Ball is another celebrity on the list with unaligned teeth. The singer initially used to show gums and even had a prominent overbite, which was apparent in her Hannah Montana days.

But she took dental help to fix them, and now she has a perfect smile.

She is more confident than ever and has been releasing more great music.

Avril Lavigne


The last one on the list is the super rockstar Avril Lavigne. The Canadian singer has been ruling the music industry ever since she started her career at fifteen.

The eight-time Grammy Awards winner already had two recording contracts by the time she was sixteen. Lavigne even received the Guinness World Record for being the youngest solo artist in the female category to rule the UK album chart.

She has given many hits like Under My Skin, Girlfriend, Head Over Water, etc. Because of her talent, not many people cared about her overbite, which is supposedly one of the most prominent ones.

Final Words,

Some celebrities took dental help, while some decided to change the way things work in Hollywood by embracing their flaws. But either way, people love every one of them and their work.

The audience has been more accepting and open to the idea of having celebrities with flaws. It has encouraged many celebrities to accept how they look.

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