Besides having curiosity about the Major League Baseball (MLB) players, fans also become curious about their better halves.

While fans find some of these other halves of the MLB players kind and beautiful, few do not meet this expectation and are considered ugly. A few other MLB wives also get called ugly for their bad behavior.

Today we will talk about a few MLB wives the fans find lacking in the beauty and behavior department.

Kristen Lee

The first on the list is the wife of the former starting pitcher, Cliff Lee.

Cliff, who played thirteen seasons in the MLB, married Kristen in 2000, and since then, fans have given her the title of the ugliest MLB wife.


Fans consider her ugly because she does not have skinny cheeks and crafted facial features like the hot supermodel partners of other MLB players.

Some Yankees fan even harassed her at Yankee Stadium in 2010. (And we condemn such behaviors from fans)

Although she may just be a petite and vivacious blonde from Benton, she has a good heart and she along with her husband quietly supported a cancer hospital in Arkansas.

Margaret Martinez

The second one on the list is Margaret Martinez, the wife of the V-Mart, Margaret Martinez.

V-Mart, whose real name is Victor Martinez, is the veteran hitter, catcher, and designated first baseman who has played for many MLB teams like Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians, etc.

Victor met Margaret when they were just seventeen, fell in love with each other, and got married.


Though the couple has a healthy marriage and are supportive of each other, fans are not kind to the wife. Some fans consider Margaret ugly because she has a regular face that one might see in the parks but not beside MLB players. (We aren’t among those fans. 😉)

Alejandra Tejada

The list continues with Alejandra Tejada, the wife of retired MLB player Miguel Tejada.

Miguel started his career in the MLB in 1997 and played for sixteen seasons before retiring in 2013. While Tejada received a lot of love and appreciation on the field, his wife underwent tough times because of her appearance.


Things got even worse when she started trying too hard to look better in front of fans. Despite trying her best, fans always considered her a bit ugly.

Ali Saunders

The next one on the list of ugliest MLB wives is the wife of Madison Bumgarner, Ali Saunders.

Ali, who played softball in school, met Madison when they were in high school. Ali and Madison dated for several years before taking their vows in 2010.

They are a lovely couple, but the fans found flaws even in this relationship.


Fans think Ali is not good enough for her MLB husband, who has been part of four NL All-Star teams. She often gets called for looking older than her husband and not so attractive.

Tawny Kitaen

Fans consider the above MLB wives ugly because they do not look like supermodels. However, now we will talk about MLB wives who are considered ugly because of their foul nature.

The first one is the actress Tawny Kitaen, the former wife of Charles Edward Finley, who goes by Chuck Finley.

Chuck, who played in the MLB for seventeen seasons, married Tawny in 1997.

In the beginning, the two were very much in love, but the relationship became toxic.


Things got so bad that on one occasion, Tawny got arrested for kicking Chuck with her stiletto high heels, and the latter filed for divorce.

Anna Benson

The last one on the list is the former wife of the MLB star pitcher, Kristin Benson, who goes by Kris Benson.

Like Tawny, Anna is considered ugly for being a danger to her husband. The MLB star met Anna in a dancing club in Atlanta where Anna was a stripper.

Though the couple had great chemistry between them at the start, they started becoming distant in the future.

They were ready to get a divorce in 2006 but did not get it.

Instead, they had their second baby together.


However, they finally divorced in 2012 after Anna broke into Kris wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying an armed gun.

She was arrested and put into jail for four months before being released with fifteen years of parole.

Many of these ladies deserve the title of ugly for their foul nature, but people should not call them ugly just because they do not look attractive physically.

Among these MLB wives who do not have the looks are still great partners to their hardworking and skillful husbands. So, the fans should consider even this side of them. But, in the case of those who abuse their partner or other people, the term ugly fits perfectly. 

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