Ray Boltz’s Net Worth, Education, Family & Career

Ray Boltz is a famous singer who sang great songs like Thank You, and I Pledge Allegiance to The Lamb. He is a singer and songwriter who has performed many songs on inspiration and faith.

The 71 years old singer lived a life in denial for more than three decades. However, as he grew old, he realized it would not go away. He realized his homosexuality was not something that would go away with time. 

In 2008, after divorcing his wife of more than thirty-four years, he came out as gay to the public.

His family, including his wife and children, supported him and his sexuality, but not everyone was happy about him coming out as gay.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameRay Boltz
Real NameRay Boltz
Date of birthJune 14, 1953
Age71 years old
Place of birthMuncie,Indiana, USA
FatherMuncie, Indiana, USA
MotherRuth Boltz
StatusIn a relationship
Ex-wifeCarol Boltz
PartnerFranco Sperduti
SonPhilip Boltz
DaughtersKaren Boltz, Elizabeth Boltz and Sara Boltz
OccupationSinger and songwriter
Net worth9 Million USD
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue

Ray Net Worth

Boltz is a very successful singer who has received several awards for his works.

His career as a singer, writing and singing songs earns him enough fortune.

On top of that, during his early days, he also went on various tours and programs. All these add up to make his net worth  9 Million USD.

Ray’s Personal Life and Family

Boltz was born in Muncie, where he spent most of his life. He grew up with his two siblings as a middle child of William Boltz and Ruth Boltz. The couple had another child too, but the fourth child died sometime after being born.

Boltz was born into a Christian family and was involved in singing in different programs organized by the Church. 

Though Boltz liked boys ever since he was young, he never let it out. He knew in Christianity homosexuality was a sin. So, he pressed down his homosexuality and thought it would go away with time if he hid it well and prayed.

Boltz even married his ex-wife Carol in 1986 by suppressing his true sexuality. The couple lived a regular life and even had four children together.

However, Boltz started having disputes which led to having depression for many years. After a lot of courage, he finally decided to get separated from his ex-wife. The couple lived separately for three years before finalizing their divorce in 2008.

In the same year, Boltz got invited by the Washington Blade for an interview, where he decided to come out as gay.

His sudden announcement received mixed reactions from his fans and the people around him.

Some of his fans abandoned him and his song, while some congratulated him for coming out. The same was the case for the publications. The Christian publications showed their disagreement indirectly while the gay ones applauded him.

However, Boltz didn’t let any of these affect him. He had gained his courage after suppressing it for so many years. During this time, he even performed many times at Metropolitan Community Church for people who didn’t think homosexuality or transgender was a sin.

While people were judging Boltz, his entire family, including his wife, supported him.

After coming out, Boltz moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he started dating his talent manager, Franco Sperduti. 

Ray’s Wife and Relationship

Boltz was brought up in an Orthodox Christian family so, he suppressed his sexuality and married his ex-wife Carol as any other straight man would do. The couple even had four children together.

While everything seemed well from the outside, Boltz was having disputes with himself. Hiding his sexuality for so many years was making him depressed.

So, finally, Boltz decided to gather his courage. She divorced his ex-wife and then came out gay.

Being able to accept his sexuality, Boltz felt the kind of freedom that he hadn’t ever felt. It led him toward a new relationship with his now partner Franco.

The couple is happier than ever and is living a happy life in Florida.

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As much as Boltz is a great singer, he is an educated and qualified person too. He went to Ball State University, where he got his Business and Marketing degree.

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Boltz has a very successful career as a singer and songwriter. His songs are famous for being inspirational and talking about faith.

The contemporary Christian music in his songs made his fan base huge. Boltz has written and sung some great songs like Thank You, for which he was awarded.

He won the GMA Dove Awards in 1990 as Thank You became the song of the year. He again won the GMA Dove Awards in 1994 for I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb, which became the inspirational recorded song of the year. 

Boltz had a massive audience for his songs, both Christian and non-Christian fan base. After he came out, a few of his fans abandoned him. But he still had a massive following. His career was going great even after coming out.

 However, during his career, Boltz had retired once. After completing his tour in 2004, Boltz decided to retire. Songs from Potter’s Field was his last song before retiring.

Boltz took some years off, but he came back stronger. He released his album True in 2010 after his comeback. It won the Album of the Year at the Outmusic Award.


In 2018, after getting divorced from his ex-wife, Boltz decided to come out as gay in front of the public.

He announced during his interview with the Washington Blade. It made headlines all over the media, and people started giving mixed reactions to his coming out.

While his family was in his support and respected his decision, not everyone felt the same.

Many of his Christian fans left his fandom. Even the Christian publications didn’t hesitate to show their dissatisfaction. They didn’t go out loud, but they showed it indirectly through other mediums.

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