Clementine Creevy’s Net Worth, Education, Family & Career

Clementine Creevy is an American singer/songwriter, musician, actress, and model. She was born on December 11, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, US. 

She is a founding member of the rock band Cherry Glazerr. She has also played as Margaux in the TV series Transparent. 

Creevy started her musical journey by uploading her tracks to SoundCloud which was discovered by Sean Bohman at Burger Records. 

Full NameClementine Creevy
Date of BirthDecember 11, 1996
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, US
Age27 years
ProfessionSinger/songwriter, musician, actor

Despite the success and rise of Creevy’s band, Cherry Glazer Creevy had to go through something which she talked about quite late. 

On July 15, 2020, Creevy posted on her Instagram accusing ex-band member Sean Redman of Statutory rape. Creevy said, “I was 14 years old and Redman was 20, we met at a music workshop in Hollywood. He came to me and asked for my number and started texting me. I told him I was 16, to which he replied, ‘That’s okay I still feel like a kid myself most of the time.’ We eventually met up at his apartment where he, much to my surprise, had sex with me. I was not expecting it, nor was I ready. I remember feeling confused and uncomfortable that he was trying to have sex with me but I went along with it. He also insisted on not using protection and gave me HPV. That was the first time I had sex.”. Creevy also added that Redman has multiple partners at the time.

After Creevy tried to sort things out, Redman left the band and joined another as a bassist, The Buttertones. The statutory rape thing wasn’t out until Creevy posted about it which ultimately led to charges against Redman and the Buttertone band parted ways for the same. 

Creevy explains how she has been held down all these years and that this was the right time to open up for her. Creevy’s traumatic experience led to the partition of her band as well as brought milestones in her career.


According to research, there is no record of Creevy’s past relationships or present. 

Family and Parents

Clementine Creevy’s mother is a novelist and her father Nicholas Wootton is a television writer and producer from the United States.

Career and Band

As a musician, Creevy started her journey as a high schooler which was later discovered by Sean Bohrman at Burger Records and released her tracks under the title Papa Cremp in 2013. 

Creevy also formed a band in the same year, Cherry Glazerr, which includes Creevy as the lead vocalist, Sami Perez as the bassist, and drummer Tabor Allen. The band is focused on noise pop, garage rock, indie rock, and grunge genres. 

In the beginning, Cherry Glazerr was a solo project for a 15-year-old, “Clembutt”. Sean Bohrman, Burger Records co-founder and Creevy’s manager discovered Creevy’s solo on SoundCloud and helped her flourish. 

Later Creevy was joined by her high school friends as a band. They started performing with a number of prominent bands in festival scenes in 2013 and so on.  After her friends departed from the band she had new members as mentioned above.

In 2013, a French Fashion Designer named Yves Saint Laurent offered Creevy an opportunity to model a campaign. That is when Hedi Slimane (a photographer and creative director) paid her to write a song for the Saint Laurent women’s show of Fall 2014. 

A song performed by Cherry Glazerr, “Tip Toe Through the Tulips” by Al Dubin and Joe Burke, was used in The insidious chapter 3 horror movie.

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Creevy played the role of Margaux in the TV series Transparent from 2014 to 2015.


Creevy has modeled for an Australian designer Emma Mulholland. There are no updates on any other modeling work.

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