Most Disliked Female Tennis Players [2023]

Tennis is a fun racket game where the fans get entertained whenever the ball gets hit with high-level energy and crosses the net. The game is full of energy, and watching the professionals play makes it more thrilling. 

However, this is not always the case. Many professional tennis players of both genders are also there who spoil the game and make us hate them. 

Here we will be talking about a few female tennis players who ruin the game of tennis because of their moral shortcomings.

Maria Sharapova

The first female tennis player on the list is the former number one female tennis player in the world, Maria Sharapova. 

The Olympics medalist and the only Russian to add Grand Slam is skilled and a treat to watch on the court. 


However, many people find her unapproachable because of her attitude problem. They also complain that she is more focused on business than the actual game on the court. 

Fans existing hatred for her escalated when she failed the drug test during 2016 Australian Open and got suspended for two years. 

She did not pay attention that the supplement she was taking for her magnesium deficiency got banned that year, and fans could not contain their hate for her.

Eugenie Bouchard

Another name on the list is the first-ever Canadian player to reach the final of the Grand Slam tournament representing Canada, Eugenie Bouchard. 


The 2013 WTA Newcomer of the Year gets a lot of hate from the fan for her lack of sportsmanship. 

Bouchard never shakes hands with her opponent before the game, even though they offer her their hand. 

Besides her lack of sportsmanship, she also receives lots of hate for being rude and publicly calling her fellow WTA players a cheater.

Dayna Yastremska

Dayna Yastremska also joins the list for the same reason as Bouchard. Like Bouchard, Yastremska also denied a handshake from her opponents on many occasions. 

In addition to this lack of sportsmanship, she has also argued with the empire several times. All of these overshadow her skill as a tennis player and make fans hate her. 

Not only do her fans lose all the fun while she is on the court, but even the empires and supervisors are also unhappy.

Yulia Putintseva

bad tempered women tennis player Yulia Putintseva

The list continues with another skilled female tennis player, Yulia Putinseva, who might be an ace with her racket but has ruined her reputation because of her foul temper. 

In one of the matches, Putintseva threw her racket and even passed sarcastic and rude comments to the empire when things did not go her way. 

The two-time WTA Tour winner can do magic on the tennis court, but she lacks even the must-have general sportsmanship during any game.

Yulia is just 1.63 m tall. Although she is not among the shortest WTA players, she is a bit shorter in stature compared to most female tennis players.

Jeļena Ostapenko

Jelena Ostapenko angry female tennis player

Like Putintseva, we also have Jelena Ostapenko, known for throwing tantrums on the court by bashing her racket. 

Despite being the only player between 2018 and 2019 to win the Grand Slam title, she receives a lot of criticism from the fans for being a sore loser. 

She often loses her temper when things do not go according to her on the court and shows it by aggressively throwing her racket.

Danielle Collins

Since we are already on female tennis players receiving hate from the players for their aggressive behavior on the court, we cannot forget another two-time WTA tour singles winner Danielle Collins.


Fans have a great dislike for her gameplay on the court as it involves lots of unnecessary shouting. 

She often shouts while missing points during the game and even storms out of the venue without even offering a simple handshake to her opponent when she loses a game, which makes her intolerable to tennis lovers.

Martina Hingis

The last one on the list of the most hated female tennis players is Martina Hingis, one of the greatest female tennis players. 

Though Hingis had already retired from the tennis court in 2017, people still recall her magic with her racket. 

She is the first player from Switzerland in both genders to achieve the world’s number one rank and ever hold a major title to her name. 

She has forty singles and thirty-six double titles to her name at the young age of twenty and has had a glorious career over the years. 

But, these are not the only things that fans remember about her. Many fans still remember her rudeness towards other fellow female tennis players. 


In an interview for Times Magazine, Hingis called out the William sisters for using their skin tone to get more sponsorships and endorsements. 

She even publicly insulted Jana Novena, her former doubles partner, by calling her old and slow.

All these female tennis players are living proof that no matter how good they are, people will always judge them if they do not treat others or the game with respect.

Despite having skills and great form on the tennis court, fans still hated these players because of their ill behavior and lack of respect for their game and their opponent.

Even when they have world titles, fans will never forget their moral shortcomings, both on and off the court.

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