Most Disliked Players on PGA Tour [Updated 2023]

While many sports fans see golf as a game of well-behaved golfers, few break this general belief. These golfers spoil the view fans have for golf and remove all the fun and hype from annual PGA Tours.

Today, we will be talking about a few golfers who have made us doubt the manners and sportsmanship in golf and have earned a lot of hatred.

Patrick Reed


His words after winning 2014 WGC Cadillac Championship had fans fuming.

The first one on the list is the golfer with nine tournament victories, Patrick Reed.

Reed is a skilled golfer who is more famous for his ill behavior and arrogance than his golfing skills. Fans have called out the golfer for his behavior on more than one occasion.

During one of the Ryder Cups, the golfer even got in a difficult situation with the crowd.

Along with receiving hatred from the fans, Reed also has problems with his fellow golfers.

After winning the 2014 WGC Cadillac championship, he stated that only he and Tiger Woods would be there in future games, which upset other golfers.

Besides this, the golfer even got caught using a homophobic slur in one of the games.

Tiger Woods

 Another name on the list is a veteran golfer, Tiger Woods, who has ruled the golf tournaments since he was a child.

The once-child prodigy is famous for his unbelievable skills on the golf course but has several controversies linked to his name because of his personal life.

He had extramarital affairs with many women and even was controlling his wife.

Fans also called him out on many occasions for being too arrogant both on and off the golf course.

Due to his ill behavior, he even developed bad blood even with his fellow golfers. 

Rory Sabbatini


Getting into arguments with teenage volunteers, bashing other golfers – there are multiple occasions that made fans hate Rory.

Rory Sabatini is also one of the most disliked players on the PGA Tour. Sabatini has won six tournaments during his many PGA tours.

Though the golfer has a good winning start to his name, his arrogance and going against the rules have made him infamous among the fans.

He has shown a headstrong personality and an ill personality on more than one occasion.

During one of the games, he got into a heated argument with the teenage volunteers, and in another, he bashed other fellow golfers.

Ian Poulter


Arrogance and self-obsession are what make him the least favorite of many people.

Like the above golfers, fans also dislike the veteran Ian Poulter, who has been active as a professional golfer since 1995.

Fans hate the golfer for his excessive self-obsession and his arrogance. He also makes more headlines for his expensive clothes and gadgets than his actual game.

His excessive self-obsession and stubbornness when things don’t go according to him make people dislike him even more.

Vijay Singh

Another name on the list is the golfer Vijay Singh who initially played in the South East Asia Golf Federation but later got suspended because of cheating allegations.

The infamous golfer already had his fair share of fans who disliked it, and it didn’t go away after he became part of the PGA.

Despite being the third-best player that the PGA tour has, he is still one of the disliked players because of his cold denature with the fans of the game and the press.

The golfer also receives more hate because of how he treats his caddies.

On some occasions, he doesn’t greet his caddies and even makes them do small things that he can do himself.

Bubba Watson

People hated the above golfers from the beginning because of their foul nature, but a few are also there who started receiving hate during the later phase of their careers. Bubba Watson is also one of them.

Watson was one of the loved golfers on the PGA tour. However, soon the fondness for the golfer turned into hatred and dislike.

Many instances had made his fan hate him, one of which was during the PGA of last year, where he didn’t participate in the Long Drive despite being the longest hitter.

The already existing hatred got more fueled when he made his caddie Ted Scott pick a ball so he wouldn’t get wet.

David Duval


Arrogance and overconfidence – two characters that fans hate the most.

The list also includes the former number 1 golfer David Duval. The golfer has won thirteen times only during the PGA tour and has a great set of skills.

However, because of his addictions and his cold nature, the fans of Duvall have turned their back on him.

They have also shared their view on his lack of dedication to his games and arrogant and overconfident personality.

Sergio Garcia


Fans got upset when he racially abused Tiger Woods.

Finally, the last one on today’s list is Sergio Garcia, a golfer who plays on PGA Tour and European Tour.

The golfer has twenty-five wins in the Ryder Cups but is infamous because of his foul nature.

Garcia racially abused Tiger Woods and started a feud. Later, he also got disqualified in Saudi International for violating the rules. So, despite being a star golfer, Garcia is one of the most disliked players on the PGA Tour.

The list has only a few ill-tempered and scandalous golfers who have ruined their reputations. However, others have not let down golf lovers and still have maintained golf as a game of well-behaved and poised players.


Who are the most unpopular players on the PGA Tour?

The most unpopular players on the PGA Tour are:
– Patrick Reed
– Tiger Woods
– Rory Sabbatini
– Ian Poulter
– Vijay Singh
– Bubba Watson
– David Duvall and
– Sergio Garcia

Who is the most disliked golfer on the PGA Tour?

Many fans think that Patrick Reed is the most disliked golfer on the PGA Tour.

Who is the rudest golfer?

Tiger Woods seems to be the rudest and most arrogant golfer.

If you are interested in finding who the most disliked female golfer is, you can see our next article.

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