Most Disliked Female Golfers [Updated 2023]

While many male golfers from the PGA get hate from the public, many female golfers from the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) also receive hate from the fans. And the reason behind this is often the arrogant nature, which makes the fans feel unwelcomed.

In some cases, it is also because of their coldness toward the crowds. Here, we will be talking about a few of the most disliked female golfers.

Nelly Korda


Nelly Korda, the former number one female golfer, is the first name on the list of the most disliked female golfers.

Korda started receiving hate after cheating allegations that got aroused during the 2021 Solheim Cup.

During the event, Korda got accused of using the rules to benefit her despite knowing that the ball Korda hit wouldn’t have entered the hole. 

Jessica Korda

Jessica-Korda-most-disliked-player-on-lpga tour

Jessica and her US teammates received a few hate comments when the team failed to beat Europe in the Solheim Cup. Fans disliked her more when she gave attention to a few negative tweets and responded to them.

While Nelly received tons of hate after the Solheim Cup, her sister, Jessica Korda, also received hate even before the event. Fans have shown their dislike for Jessica for her behavior towards her caddies and her spoiled nature.

The golfer has shown tantrums on more than one occasion, making her one of the disliked female golfers.

Morgan Pressel


She made her fans raise eyebrows because of her outburst during the 2009 LPGA Challenge.

Morgan Pressel follows the Korda sisters as one of the most disliked female golfers.

Pressel is the youngest player who made it to the US Women’s Open by qualifying for the event at twelve.

During the 2009 LPGA Challenge, she showed the outburst of her anger. Things accelerated more during the 2012 Sybase Match Play Championship, where Pressel played against Azhara Munoz.

During the game, the golfer did not speed up her play despite getting two warnings and notifications and got penalized at the end.

Later, she even accused her competitor of grounding her putting. All these made Pressel look desperate and made her fan lose their likeness for her. 

Michelle Wie


She was criticized for competing in PGA events and taking away opportunities from deserving golfers.

Firing her caddie Greg Johnston made more people despise her. There were also rumors that she fabricated the wrist injury.

Another female golfer who falls on the list is the youngest golfer who made it to the USGA amateur championship at ten, Michelle Wie.

Despite being an established golfer, Wie receives a lot of hate from the fans for more than one reason.

In the beginning, the fans expressed their distress about her playing in the PGA tour despite not having any significant accomplishments on the LPGA tour.

Later it became more prominent when her former agent fired her former caddie, Greg Johnston, over the phone. After Johnston, Wie hired and fired many other caddies.

Besides these, fans also accused Wie of sharing misleading information about her wrist injury. 

Stacy Lewis


She shows tantrums and outrageous acts when things don’t go her way. Fans absolutely dislike this.

The last disliked female golfer is Stacy Lewis, who has two major championships.

The golfer is famous for her great wins and achievements during the game, but she is more infamous for her outbursts and frustration on the golf course.

The fans watching her game often find her in a frustrated mood and also witness her outrageous acts like the one in the 2012 Shop Rite LPGA classic make it worse.

Fans also complain about her tantrums on the course that involves whacking her clubs.

The female golfers listed on the list are some of the best players that we can find in the LPGA, but their unconventional nature is something that makes the fans repel. Their nature makes their fans skip their talents on the course and do not support them.

So, these golfers should work on controlling their emotions and start treating people around them more carefully if they want to win their fans back.

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