Brad Pitt’s Face Shape

Many male celebrities in Hollywood have a face that is no less than any Greek god. They have faces that make their fans worship them. Out of these god-like male celebrities with the most handsome face, the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood actor, Bradd Pitt.

Pitt is a renowned actor with scientifically proclaimed near-to-perfection facial structures. 

What Face Shape does Brad Pitt have?

The 60 year-old actor has a square-shaped face with angular facial features.

His facial shape and features add more masculinity to his personality and make him more popular among his fans. His dominating facial features are like the cherry on top of his amazing acting.

Does Brad Pitt have the Perfect Face?     

Pitt has one of the near to perfect faces in the whole of Hollywood.

During the 2013 research conducted by Dr.Schmidt, where the doctor and his team considered many aspects of the facial structure, the actor’s face scored 9.67 out of 10.

Dr. Schmidt shared that the score was high as people score only between 4 to 6  on average. The score proved that Pitt has an almost perfect face. 

Brad Pitt’s Face Symmetry

When a study of facial symmetry got conducted in Hollywood based on the Golden Ratio of a beautiful face, Bradd Pitt made it to the third position on the list, just behind George Clooney and Bradly Cooper.


The study used different equations and measured various facial features to conclude that Pitt had a face that was 90.51% symmetrical.

( Image: Julian De Silva/ Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd)

Brad Pitt’s Face Measurements

Pitt has a great face with striking features. He has a high forehead and great jawlines and cheekbones. His jawlines and cheekbones are as wide as his forehead and prominent, making him one of the most handsome actors with the most attractive face ever.

PinkMirror, a photo enhancement tool gave Brad Pitt’s face 9.45 in the face beauty score out of 10. While analyzing the face, the test score showed the following details.

Forehead Width443.595 PCI units
Eyebrow Thickness18.96 PCI units
Gap Between Eyebrows91.668 PCI units
EyeBrow External Distance317.46 PCI units
Eyebrow Curvature159.308 Degrees
Eye to Brow Outside Margin50.095 PCI units
Eyebrow Length115.778 PCI units
Eye-To-EyeBrow Margin37.283 PCI units
Eye Length77.002 PCI units
Eye Internal (Interocular) Distance104.173 PCI units
Eye External Distance258.089 PCI units
Nose Width117.98 PCI units
Nose Angle137.974 Degrees
Nose Length151.148 PCI units
Cheek Width426.195 PCI units
Mouth Length190.912 PCI units
Upper Lip Width29.922 PCI units
Lower Lip Width13.35 PCI units
Chin Length129.211 PCI units
Jaw Angle164.745 Degrees
Philtrum Length49.797 PCI units
Chin Angle136.433 Degrees
Jaw Width319.607 PCI Units
PCI (Photographic Canthal Index): the standard used for measuring facial features from an image

Brad Pitt’s Side Profile

Brad Pitt’s side profile

Brad Pitt Jaw

Out of the many dominant facial features of Pitt that stand out, his jaw is one. The Oscar-winning actor has a very sharp and prominent jawline that makes him more attractive. His jaws are very angular and as wide as his forehead making his face as appealing as his acting.

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