Celebrities with Cochlear Implants

With the advancement of science and technology, the world has become a common ground for everyone to show their talent, even for specially-abled people.

Despite having few participants in the past, the number of specially-abled people has increased in Hollywood. This increased number also includes celebrities with hearing problems, who often use cochlear implants.

Though these celebrities require implants to hear, they still have shined as brightly as any other stars and are inspirations to many people with similar conditions.

Lou Ferrigno


The first name on the list is the former bodybuilder turned actor Lou Ferringo.

The star actor of the TV series The Incredible Hulk lost 75 to 80% of his hearing sincere was a toddler and has used a hearing aid since then.

However, just last year, the two times Guinness record holder underwent a cochlear implant and is doing great.

Despite using hearing aids most of his life and even with implants, Ferirngno never let his shortcomings affect his performance as a bodybuilder or an actor.

Marlee Matlin


The second one on the list is the beautiful actress, activist, and successful author Marlee Matlin.

The Oscar award winner in the best actress category and the only performer with hearing difficulties to win this award lost her hearing to high fever and illness when she was just eighteen months old and even grew up in a family where everyone was deaf.

However, she took the help of cochlear implants and is one of the strong advocates of cochlear implants in the deaf community.

Huey Lewis

The talented actor, singer, and songwriter Hugh Anthony Cregg III, who goes by Huey Lewis, is another name on the list who also took the aid of a cochlear implant.

Lewis lost his hearing only later in his life. First, it was just his right ear, but by 2018, he lost hearing in both of his ears to Meniere’s disease and took the help of a cochlear implant.

When he lost his hearing, he was nervous about losing his ability to hear notes and finding the perfect pitch, but after the implants, all of his worries went away.

Halle Berry

While all the other celebrities lost their hearing to natural causes, Halle Berry, who played Catwoman in Catwoman and Storm in the X-Men series, lost her hearing to domestic violence.


In the 90s, her then-boyfriend hit her and caused her to lose 80% of her hearing. After the incident, she had to take the aid of cochlear implants.

The talented actress can be seen with her implants whenever she is not shooting.

Lance Allred

All of the names included above in the list are from Hollywood.

However, many celebrities are also in other fields who use cochlear implants to overcome their hearing defects. One of them is the first legally deaf NBA player Lance Allred.

The 6 ft 11 inches tall basketball legend suffered from Rh complication during birth and lost 75 to 80% of his hearing. Allred wore implants since elementary school and only took them out during his game.

While on the court, he reads the lips of his fellow players and uses hand gestures to communicate.

Jean Christopher Novelli

When we talk about celebrities with hearing loss outside of Hollywood, another name that we cannot miss is the celebrity chef from France, Jean Novelli.

The successful chef and owner of many establishments lost his hearing during a later phase of his life when he was fifty-two.

After having hearing problems, he also started getting headaches and a stiff neck, so his fiancée suggested he should get a cochlear implant.

At first, Novelli was hesitant about it, but later, he encouraged even other people with hearing loss to get implants.

Millicent Simmonds

The last name on the list of celebrities with cochlear implants is the talented 21 year-old actress from the film A Quiet Place.


The talented teenage actress lost her hearing to medication overdose as an infant. Though Simmonds is still young, she is a skilled actress and a strong advocate for the deaf community.

Like other celebrities with hearing loss, she also uses implants but uses American sign language to communicate.

All these celebrities have lost their hearing to different causes and have been taking the help of cochlear implants to function normally

. However, despite wearing implants, they have proven that no disability can stop you from fulfilling your dreams, and nothing is impossible with proper dedication and hard work.

These celebrities are living examples that anyone can achieve anything if they do not give up.

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