Enrique Arce’s Net Worth, Education, Family & Career

Enrique Arce is the infamous Arturo Román from the much loved Spanish series La casa de papel or Money Heist. Arce joined the cast from the first season of the series and made us hate him till the end of the series. Though people hated his character in the series, they loved and respected his acting. Because of his natural acting, Arce became as popular as the other main cast of the series.

Besides being a skilled actor, Arce is also the winner of the Ellos I Elles, a Valencian show. He won the show and took home a grand prize of 2 million pesetas, which sums up to around 15 thousand USD. Acre used all his prize money to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. The money paid off as he is currently one of the most in-demand Spanish actors.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameEnrique Arce
Real NameEnrique Javier Arce Temple
Date of birthOctober 8, 1972
Age51 years old
Place of birthValencia, Spain
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
SisterMarta Arce
StatusIn a relationship
PartnerFernanda Diniz
Ex-spouseCristina Peña
Ex-partnerGemma Menguak
DaughterArturita Arce
Net worth3 Million USD
Height5 ft 6 in (170 cm)
MeasurementChest- 40
Waist- 36
Bicep- 10
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Instagram idenriquearceactor

Enrique  Net Worth

The talented actor has been acting since 1996 and has worked for over two-decade as an actor. During this time, he has been in many plays and TV series. He has also been part of many short and feature films. 

These projects helped Arce become a better actor and earn a good amount of money.

His already decent income increased more after he became famous worldwide through Money Heist. Till the end of last year, the actor had a net worth of 3 million USD.

Enrique Personal Life And Family

Arce was born in Valencia in Spain to his businessman father and homemaker mother. He and his sister, Marta, grew up in a well-off family where their parents raised them with the utmost care.

While Arce grew up and became an actor, his sister became a successful hair and makeup artist.

Despite being born in a wealthy family, the talented actor had his share of struggles. His parents wanted him to be a lawyer and sent him to a law school. However, he dropped out of school to pursue his career in acting.

His parents were totally against the idea of him pursuing acting so, Arce left his home. After leaving his house, he worked in a cafe in the neighborhood to meet his ends.

During this time, he tried theater and even took part in the show Ellos I Elles. He won the show and used the prize money to get the proper training to be an actor.

He graduated from acting school and started working in various plays, TV shows, and movies. He worked for many years before getting worldwide recognition through Money Heist.

For his role in Money Heist, he received many good responses for his acting. People were so convinced by his acting that they even sent him many death threats for his negative role. 

All these massive responses from the audience made Arce more popular, and now, he is one of the established Spanish actors who has fans all over the globe. 

Enrique Wife and Relationships

The 51 year old atcor was previously married to the popular Spanish actress Cristina Peña.

The two met at the sets of Compañeros and started dating during its last two seasons. The ex-couple has not shared any detail about their marriage or their divorce. However, they have shared that they were married once but aren’t together anymore.

After the divorce, Peña initially dated Pachi Delgado but later married Livio Lo Monaco, a businessman.

Similarly, Arce also found love again in the synchronized swimmer and three-time Olympian, Gemma Menguak. He dated Menguak for three years before parting ways in 2008.

Despite having two failed relationships, Arce fell in love for the third time. This time it was with the actress Fernanda Diniz. The two have been dating since 2017 and are going strong to this day. 


Arce was a bright kid raised in a well-off family. Like many kids with a similar background, he was also studying law.

However, he left law school during its fourth year to pursue a career in acting. 

He wanted to be a proclaimed actor and knew well that he needed proper training to fulfill his dream. So, he joined the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

He graduated from the Academy with a degree and officially started his career as an actor.

Read about the actor who portrayed the role of Mónica Gaztambide in the popular netflix series “Money Heist”, Esther Acebo.


Arce started his career in the theatre. He acted in many plays before making his debut on the smaller screen.

While acting on the smaller screen, he was part of many TV shows like Petra Delicado, Knightfall, etc.

After tasting success in the smaller screen, Arce made his way to the bigger screen. He became part of many features films and even short films. He also worked on other projects like Small World, One of the Hollywood Ten, etc.

The talented actor was already doing a great job and had become an established Spanish actor before reaching a new height of popularity through Money Heist.

Arce joined the show from its first season as one of its main characters in a negative role. He portrayed the role of Arturo Román, the general governor of the Royal Mint of Spain and one of the hostages.

Arturo, whom Helsinki often calls Arturito, was a womanizer. Despite having a wife and three daughters, he was seeing Mónica, his former secretary, who turns into one of the robbers in later seasons. He even had a son with her.

After Mónica escapes with Denver, one of the original robbers of the heist, Arturo starts dating his current secretary, Amanda.  

If having affairs outside marriage was not enough, he even drugged and rapped Amanda. Later, he tried doing the same to Manila, another robber.

Arce portrays Arturo in a very natural and skilled way throughout the series. So, we could not stop hating his character, and at the same time, we could not also stop applauding him for his acting.

Despite having a negative role, his acting helped him become as famous as other actors.

The show just ended last year at season five, and now we all are waiting for Arce to reappear with his next project.

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