Is Derrick Henry vegan? His Girlfriend, Net Worth, & Bio

Derrick Lamar Henry, or Derrick Henry, is the famous running back of the Tennessee Titans. Henry started his journey in the NFL after getting drafted during the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft. He was already a star football player from his high school days, and his gameplay just got better after joining the NFL.

The massive yet fastest ball carrier for 2021 is famous for several records that he has set since the beginning of his career. Besides strong muscles, giant structure, and excellent performances, Henry is also known for his vegan diet that he follows along with his teammates of Tennessee Titans.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameDerrick Henry
NicknameKing Henry, Little tractor and Shocka
Real NameDerrick Lamar Henry
Date of birthJanuary 4, 1994
Age30 years old
Place of birthYulee, Florida, USA
FatherDerrick Henry Sr.
MotherStacy Veal
SisterNot disclosed
StatusIn a relationship
PartnerAdrianna Rivas
DaughterValentina Allure Henry
OccupationFootball player
Net worth5 Million USD
Height6 ft 3 in (191 cm)
Weight112 kgs
247 lb
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Instagram id@last_king_2

Derrick Henry Net Worth

The NFL star has around 5million USD as his net worth with an annual salary of 12,500 from this year.

Henry had a successful football career ever since his school days. He had been setting many records ever since then.

Even after turning pro, he has maintained the same pace and is leading an exciting career.

Because of his hard work and dedication, Henry is one of the most anticipated NFL players with a massive fanbase.

Along with fans, he has also earned a great deal of money.

Height, Weight, and Physical Measurements

Height6 feet and 3 inches
Weight113 kg
Body TypeMuscular

If we talk about the physique, the footballer has the stature of a giant.

He stands tall at 6 feet and 3 inches and weighs around 113 kgs. Because of all his training and games, Henry has a muscular build-up.

However, despite his massive stature, the footballer is still the fastest running back.

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Personal Life And Family

Henry was born in Yulee to his parents, Henry Sr. and Stacy Veal.

His father was sixteen, and his mother was fifteen when they gave birth to him. 

Because his parents were still young, his grandmother took the burden of looking after him. She used to call him Shocka, as everyone was shocked his parents gave birth to him when they were still teenagers. 

Growing up, his father, Big D, went to prison frequently. Sometimes it was for a drug-related case, other time for prostitution-related.

While his father wasted his life, his mother took control of her life and became a hemodialysis technician. 

Growing up, his grandmother was his everything. She was the one who inspired him and motivated him throughout his life. Because of this, Henry even has a tattoo of her on his chest.

Henry loved sports ever since he was a kid. He took his love for sports even in high school and used to play three sports.

With time, he became more focused on football. He followed his passion for football and made a successful career in it.

Though he is always in the limelight for his extraordinary gameplay, he has maintained privacy about his life to a certain extent.

Everyone knows about his parents and his sister, but no one knows where they are now or what exactly they are doing.

Eating Habits: Is Derrick Henry vegan? 

Despite the massive physique of the footballer, he is a vegan when it comes to diet, and so are other Tennessee Titans.

It all began when the former linebacker of Tennessee Titans, Derrick Morgan, turned vegan, and his wife, Charity, started preparing vegan food for him.

When other players, including Henry, tried the food, they became fans of vegan food.

Charity then started making vegan food for other players too. Even when the players were on a vegan diet, there was no fall in their productivity. It made more and more players sign up for the vegan diet.

Henry has been following a vegan diet ever since except drinking milk. 

Does Derrick Henry eat meat?

The star NFL player has kept his distance from meat and other non-vegan food and even has stayed away from spicy foods and desserts, but he has not given up on drinking milk.

While raising him, his grandmother made him drink milk to make his bones strong. Henry has been doing it to this day. He drinks a gallon of milk even during his practices and games.

Derrick Henry Girlfriend and Relationship

Henry has a great career and an equally great love life. The 30 year-old footballer has been dating Adriana Rivas since 2016. Rivas is a businesswoman who owns the Attraction by Adrianna.

Is Derrick married?

The couple has not tied the knot, but they are going strong to this day and even have an adorable daughter between them.

The couple welcomed their daughter on May 18th of 2020. They have named her Valentina Allure Henry.

The couple lives with their daughter and has two dogs, Nini and Nala.


Henry went to Yulee High School Yulee to get his high school degree.

Once high school was over, he joined the University Of Alabama, where he got a degree in communication.


The little tractor of the Tennessee Titans started his career while he was still in high school. Even as a young high schooler, Henry set many records in football history.

He continued his passion for football even after joining college. He helped his college team to win many games, including the College Football Playoff National Championship. While still playing for his college, Henry broke the rushing yard record set by Herschel Walker. 

Because of his extraordinary collegiate career, many NFL teams approached him to play for them. One of these teams was the Tennessee Titans.

The Titans were already interested in recruiting Henry. They finally recruited him during the second round of the 2016 NFL draft. Since then, he has been playing for the titans as its running back.

Titans recruited Henry with a four-year contract of 50 million USD with 12 million USD as a signing bonus.

Henry started his professional career with Titans against the Minnesota Vikings. Though the Titans lost the game, Henry kept on improving. By the end of the 2018 season, Henry entered the NFL list of 100 extraordinary players.

With every game, he became a reliable pillar for the Titans. In 2020, Henry even got named the NFL player of the year. 

By the end of the year, he became one of the most anticipated Titans. However, things took a turn after he injured his foot during one of his games.

He had to undergo surgery for the injury. This incident left a void in his team. But the prayers of his teammates and fans worked, and soon Henry will be making his comeback. People are even hoping to see him in the Division round games and Super Bowl.

While still making a name and fortune for himself from football, Henry is also the face of many brands like Nike, Pepsi, etc., and has even done ads for them.

Besides his professional career, he also runs the Two All Foundation. Henry helps many players struggling because of their background or disabilities through his foundation.

Is he vaccinated?

Despite the Tennessee Titans bearing an outbreak of COVID-19 in August, now the team is 90 % vaccinated, including Derrick Henry.

Henry got vaccinated and has a partnership with Kroger Health, a company providing COVID testing and flu shot facilities.

With Kroger Health, the footballer is determined to raise awareness about flu shots and COVID testing.

The player has shown his trust in the company. He is even ready to share his own experiences to encourage people to get tested and get their flu shot.

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