There are many celebrities in Hollywood with great heights and long legs. These celebrities could easily walk on the runway, but others lack this perfect modeling height and have comparatively shorter legs.

Despite having short legs, these other celebrities have conquered the showbiz industry. Here, we will be talking about a few of them.

Reese Witherspoon


The first celebrity on the list is the beautiful actress Reese Witherspoon. Witherspoon has been ruling Hollywood for a long time and is the receiver of many awards, including an Academy Awards.

The actress has a height of only 5 ft 1 in, but she has mesmerized everyone with her girl next door image.

She has been part of many memorable movies like Legally Blonde and its sequel.

Ariana Grande


Another celebrity is the talented singer Ariana Grande, who is the voice behind popular songs like God is a Woman, Thank you, next, etc.

Grande is only 5 ft in height but is one of the most successful singers of this era. The talented singer has millions of followers on her social media and is one of the coaches in The Voice.

Besides having a successful singing career, Grande is also a talented actress who has already acted in many projects.

Jada Pinket Smith


The list also includes the talented actress Jada Pinket Smith, the wife of the veteran actor Will Smith.

Jada is popular among her fans for her natural acting in projects like The Matrix series, Gotham, etc. She has worked in Hollywood for a long time and has been making headlines to this day as the co-host of the talk show, Red Table Talk.

Despite having shorter legs and small height, she has ruled Hollywood all these years.

Kevin Hart


While the list has only included female celebrities, some male celebrities also have short legs and a small height. One of these male celebrities is Kevin Hart.

Hart is only a height of 5 ft and 2 inches but is one of the most loved comedians of Hollywood. He is best friend with the veteran actor Dwayne Johnson and has done many comedy gigs.

He also recently hosted a fun TV show with Snoop Dogg named  2021 and Done with Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart, where they talked about the highlight events from 2021.

Daniel Radcliffe


Daniel Radcliffe is also one of the male celebrities with short legs. Radcliffe is our beloved Harry Potter from the Harry Potter series, who wowed the audience worldwide with his natural acting from a very young age.

Despite having acting skills that can impress anyone, the actor doesn’t have that great height. Radcliffe also has short legs and stands at 5 ft 5 in, which is considered a short height among male celebrities.

Bruno Mars


Another male celebrity who has short legs is the famous singer Bruno Mars. Mars has millions of fans gushing over his songs of different genres.

With great voice and music style, the Uptown Funk singer also has a great personality. However, the only thing he is missing is a bit of height and long legs.

People did not notice the short legs of Mars until he and Taylor Swift presented the Male Video of the Year during the 2013 MTV VMA. While presenting the award, Mars looked like a baby in front of the 5 feet and 10 inches tall Swift.

Kourtney Kardashian


Among the celebrities with short legs, we can never forget Kourtney Kardashian. Though both Kim and Kourtney have comparatively shorter legs and smaller heights, Kourtney takes the trophy for being the shorter one among the two.

The reality star, Kourtney, is only 5 ft tall, for which she is often called shawty by her sisters, especially Khloe.

Despite her short legs and petite stature, she has been on the headlines for her relationship with Travis Baker.

Maisie William


The last one on the list is our own beloved Maisie William, who portrayed the role of courageous Arya Stark in Games of Thrones. William became a worldwide sensation for her role in the TV series and received a huge appreciation from the audience.

She started acting as a child actress and grew up in front of the audience as the seasons proceeded forward. She gained great fandom at a very young age, and her short legs and small height became part of her identity.

There are plenty of more celebrities who have been ruling the showbiz industry for quite some time now. Despite their short legs, these celebrities are as renowned as other celebrities.

On many occasions, these celebrities have even proved to be more capable and talented than any other celebrities with longer legs.

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