Best Skinny NFL PLayers

NFL has come a long way from the time of its start. In the past, NFL considered only players with massive builds and great height the perfect candidate for the games.

But now things have changed. Now, the games in NFL are more about talent and skills than physical features. The perfect example of this change is the participation of skinny players in the NFL, who have established themselves among the star players.

Here, we will be talking about a few of these skinny NFL legends.

Trindon Holliday – Famous Skinny NFL Player


The first name on the list is the former wide receiver or return specialist, Trindon Holliday. Holliday weighed only 73 kg (161 lb) but played for more than five teams during his NFL career.

He started his career with the Houston Texans in the 2010 NFL Draft and ended with the Oakland Raiders. Despite being skinny and weighing less than other players, Holliday retired from his career with SEC championship and BCS National championship to his name.

Colin Kaepernick – Skinny Vegan NFL Player


The second name on the list is Colin Kaepernick, who played seven seasons in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers.

In December 2015, he turned into a vegan and then lost weight massively.

Kaepernick set many records during his NFL career, despite being skinny. He won the title of WAC Offensive Player of the Year twice.

He also set records for the most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single game and in a single postseason. He accomplished all this with his skinny stature.

DeSean Jackson – Skinny NFL Wide Receiver (175 lbs)

DeSean-Jackson-Skinny-NFL-Wide-Receiver-175 lbs

Another name among the best skinny NFL players is the wide receiver of the Las Vegas Raiders, DeSean Jackson.

Jackson started his NFL journey since the 2008 NFL Draft with the Philadelphia Eagles and has played for five teams of NFL teams.

Though the wide receiver has a skinny physique, he has added many games and records to his name. He is a two-time First-team All-American and First-team All-Pac-10 player and has won the Pro Bowl three times.

Randy Moss – Skinny NFL Player


While still talking about a few of the best skinny NFL players, we cannot forget Randy Moss.

The former wide receiver weighed only 95 kg (210 lbs) and had a lean body.

Moss retired from the NFL after playing for fifteen seasons with six NFL teams. During his time in the NFL, he set the record for seventeen receiving touchdowns in a rookie season and twenty-three touchdowns in a single season.

He also has six Pro Bowl wins to his name.

Rishard Matthews – Skinny NFL Wide Receiver


Like Moss, we also have another wide receiver, who was skinny but was one of the best NFL players.

Matthews began his professional career in the NFL at the 2012 NFL Draft with the Miami Dolphins.

He played for four NFL teams before retiring in 2019.

Despite his skinny stature, he was one of the forces to reckon with when on the field.

Brandon Banks – Skinniest NFL Player (150 lbs)


The last one on the list is Brandon Banks. Banks is the skinniest as well as the lightest player in the NFL. He weighs only 68 kg and is smaller than the typical wide receiver.

But, despite his small stature and skinny physique, he is doing pretty well. He has received the CFL All-Star four times and even got the title of CFL’s Most Outstanding Player Award.

These skinny players are not the typical players that come to our minds when we think about the NFL. However, these players and many others have challenged the stereotypes of the NFL and proved everyone wrong.

They have established themselves as a few of the best NFL players. They have also given hope to many with the dream of becoming an NFL player but do not have the typical height or weight or the physique that people generally seek in NFL players.

We have also created a list of the lightest NFL players at each position.

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