Celebrities with Saggy Necks

Saggy Necks, which often goes by the term Turkey neck, is a condition in which the skin in the neck region is not tight anymore because of the weakening of the muscles of that area. The saggy necks are the result of aging. It is a regular occurrence in people, who are aging, even for celebrities.

Here, we will be discussing a few famous people, who accepted every part of their aging with grace, including their saggy necks. We will also be talking about a few other celebrities who challenged aging with the help of surgeries.

Jack Nicholson

Celebrities With Saggy Necks Jack Nicholson

The first name on the list of celebrities with saggy necks is the versatile actor jack Nicholson or John Joseph Nicholson. The talented actor has to portray different characters during his more than fifty years in Hollywood. People still remember him for his part in great projects like The Shining, A Few Good Men, The Pledge, etc., and he has even received two Academy Awards.

Though the actor still is as good at acting as he used to be, his appearance has changed with age, and now he also has a saggy neck added to his identity.

Jessica Lange

Celebrities With Saggy Necks Jessica Lange

Another two-time Academy Awards winner, Jessica Lange, is also on the list of celebrities with saggy necks. She is the thirteenth actress to receive the Triple Crown of Acting and the only artist who won the Primetime Emmy Awards as a supporting actress and lead actress.

The actress has dedicated forty-five years of her life to acting and now aged gracefully with time. Despite being old and having a saggy neck, people still remember the beautiful actress for her role in King Kong, A Thousand Acres, Big Fish, The Vow, The Gambler, etc.

Clint Eastwood

Celebrities With Saggy Necks Clint Eastwood

The 93 year old veteran actor is also one of the celebrities on the list. The heartthrob of the 50s, 60s, and 70s has become old and even has a saggy neck now.

However, his fans and the fans of classic movies still remember him for his engaging acting in movies like Man with No Name, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Sad Hill Unearthed, Cry, Macho.

He is still an inspiration for many aspiring artists in Hollywood. 

Bill Murray

Celebrities With Saggy Necks Bill Murray

Another name on the list of celebrities with turkey necks is our beloved comedian and actor, Bill Murray.

Murray has been one of the fan-favorite comedians for ages, and his saggy neck makes him closer to his audience as they see him as a funny man. The comedian with a great sense of humor and comical timing is known for his many comedy gigs and roles in comedy movies like Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, The Man Who Knew Too Little, etc.

Maggie Smith

Celebrities With Saggy Necks Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith, the actress who portrayed Professor Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter series, is also on the list.

Smith is one of the artists to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting and has shown great acting over the years. Though she has grown old and is now full of saggy skin around her face and her neck, people still praise her whenever they see her on the screen.

Smith lived her life following her passion for acting and is still actively working on projects as enthusiastically as she did in her young days.

Judi Dench

Celebrities With Saggy Necks Judi Dench

Judi Dench is a 89 year-old actress who won millions of hearts with her mesmerizing beauty during her young days. She was an actress with a beauty like that of the Greek goddess.

However, Dench has now aged and has saggy skin over her neck and face. But she still has a lot of people praising her to this day for her acting. The actress has been part of many James Bond movies and Shakespearean drama, in both of which she has shown a great deal of beauty and passionate acting.

Paul McCartney

Celebrities With Saggy Necks Paul McCartney

While the list is full of actors with saggy necks, there are also few singers. These singers were no less than any dashing actors during their young days, but even they have given into the natural process of aging. One of these singers is Sir James Paul McCartney or Paul McCartney. The 81 year-old singer and musician is the co-lead vocalist and the bassist of the legendary band of all time, Beatles. He was also the co-songwriter of the group while the group was active.

The singer had tons of fans while he and his band were still active. However, now that the band does not exist, and the members are old and have saggy faces and necks, they still receive the same love and support from their fans.

Judy Murray

Celebrities With Saggy Necks judy murray

The last celebrity on the list is the famous tennis coach from Scotland, Judy Murray. While the others on the list accepted their turkey necks that came with aging, Murray took the help of surgery to deal with it.

When both of her children, Andy and Jamie, also tennis champions, jokingly pointed out the saggy neck of their mother, Murray became determined to get rid of them. So, she took the help of micro-needling and radiofrequency to tighten the muscles around her neck and remove the existing saggy neck.

Despite some celebrities taking medical help to get rid of their saggy necks to look younger, many others accepted that having saggy necks or skins is not something to hide as it is a natural thing that happens when one gets old. 

Many celebrities have engaged their fans with their younger-looking appearance, while others have shown their fans that they are also human and age like everyone else. And with fans being more accepting and focused on the art of the artists, having a saggy neck doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.

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