These Celebrities Are Against Social Media & This is Why!

The world has been so much digitized that people have started socializing more on social media than in real life, including celebrities. Social media has become another platform for both established celebrities and newcomers to spread their stardom. However, few have kept their distance from social media for various reasons. We will be talking about some of them.

George Clooney

George Clooney no instagram twitter facebook

The two-time Oscars winning actor is the first one among the celebrities who have nothing to do with social media. The veteran actor and director have appeared in several movies like Syriana, Michael Clayton, Argo

. The actor is a natural on the screen and has a huge fan base. However, he has not joined any social media. And the reason is facing backlash if anything goes wrong. It is the biggest fear of every celebrity who is on social media. Clooney is afraid of the hate comments that he might get if someday he posted something that would upset people. 

Scarlett Johanson

Scarlett Johanson no instagram twitter facebook

Another veteran celebrity who has kept her distance from social media is the Blackwidow of the Marvel Universe, Scarlett Johanson.

The beautiful Johanson has been in showbiz from the early age of nine and has been part of great movies like Lucy, Under the skin, Captain America, The Avenger, Black Widow.

The world’s highest-paying actress of 2018 grew up in a time when social media was not a thing. So, to this day, she finds the idea of being part of it strange. It is because of this reason, she privately enjoys her life and has been away from social media.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson no instagram facebook twitter

Another celebrity who has kept his distance from social media is the Twilight actor Robert Pattinson.

Pattinson has been a star who has ruled both independent and big-budget movies. His acting is as natural and versatile as it can ever get.

The actor, who will be playing the lead in The Batman in 2022, is very private about his personal life and thinks he is a boring person. The talented actor does not have accounts on any social media besides a private one on Twitter.

However, even though he is on Twitter, he only uses it as an online newspaper to know what is happening.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart no instagram facebook twitter

Like Pattison, his former girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, is also not a big fan of social media.

Stewart, brand ambassador of Chanel, found enormous stardom from her role as Bella in Twilight. Her popularity just increased from her other projects like Snow White and the Huntsman, Charlie’s Angel. All this popularity that she got ever since she was just a young girl made her insecure and troubled. So, she decided to keep her life as private as possible and away from social media.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone no instagram twitter facebook

The Oscars Award-winning actress for her role in La La Land, Emma Stone, is another celebrity against social media. Stone was an actress on TV before turning to the big screen with her movie Superbad. Since then, she has been part of many movies like Zombieland, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Easy A, The Amazing Spider-Man. 

The actress has a great fanbase who love her, and she has even connected them through Twitter. However, her Twitter account got hacked in 2012. It made the actress leave social media forever. In one of her interviews, the actress shared that she didn’t feel safe on social media, and it did no good to her.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe no instagram facebook twitter

Daniel Radcliffe, who rose after portraying Harry in the Harry Potter series, is also one of the celebrities who has maintained a healthy distance from all social media.

Radcliffe is also one of the highest-paid actors in the world. His natural and engaging acting has made him a favorite among fans. After the grand success of his first project Harry Potter, he also has done many other projects like The Woman in Black, Swiss Army Man.

The talented actor has his online fanbase who are called Potter-heads. Though he has many fan pages online, he is not on any social media. Radcliffe is not on social media as he fears that he won’t have any private life.

He also mentioned that since his pre-teen days on Harry Potter, Radcliffe had a habit of reading comments about him, and now he feels like, through social media, he will be reliving it. He is scared that again he might end up reading stuff about him online, which might not be a good thing for his mental health.

Emily Blunt

emily blunt no instagram facebook twitter

The last one on the list is the gorgeous and talented actress Emily Blunt. She is one of the most graceful and natural actresses of Hollywood. She has shown her acting skills in movies, like Into the Woods, The Devil Wears Prada, The Young Victoria, A Quiet Place, etc.

Despite being a fan favorite, the beautiful actress has not signed up on any social media. Blunt feels like social media has decreased the value of genuine interactions. She also believes that she doesn’t find the necessity of social media for promotions as the fate of a movie depends on its trailer and the words spread about it.

To sum up,

These celebrities have their fears and doubts and even might never join social media. However, their acting skills are enough to spread the news of their projects far and wide. So, even if they have not joined social media, their fans will still find ways to connect with them through their projects.

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