List of Popular Celebrities Hired As Brand Ambassadors

Often people look up to celebrities and pay attention to even the smallest details like how they made their hair, what dress they are wearing, what color are their nails. These have made celebrities famous not only among the public but also among big brands who want to sell their products. Because of these, many big brands from a clothing brand like Kelvin Cavin to a soft drink brand Sprite are hiring celebrities to become their ambassadors.

What do celebrity brand ambassadors do?

When celebrities get hired as brand ambassadors, they are more connected to the brand than other promoters. 

These celebrities will be the face of the brand and will actively participate in the advertisements and campaigns. They will also have to take promoting the brand personally. The brand expects them to take every possible measure for its better sales and reputation. 

The celebrities have to explain the brand in detail as well as promote it to the audience.

Are celebrity brand ambassadors required to promote a brand?

Celebrity brand ambassadors have closer relations with the brand than any other promoters. They are vested with the responsibility to promote the brand’s name to a greater audience. 

The brand expects these celebrities to lead campaigns that will benefit the brand and promote the brand by praising it among their audience.

Why do companies endorse celebrities?

Many companies, either small or big, try their best to hire one or more celebrities as their brand ambassador by endorsing them. The main objective behind hiring celebrities by many companies is to use the mass followings of these celebrities to sell their products. Companies support many celebrities time and again. And in return, these celebrities spread good words about the brand among their audience. They even become part of the campaigns conducted by the companies. 

Associating celebrities with the company increases the sale of the company and also helps the company to build up credibility and reputation in the market.

Here we will be talking about a few of those celebrities who are brand ambassadors of big brands

Sofia Vergara – Head & Shoulders

The first celebrity on the list is the gorgeous Sofia Vergara from Modern Family. She has been the talk of Hollywood for ages now.

Besides her acting, she is famous for her beautiful figure and also for her long hair. And along with her other fans, Head & Shoulders also noticed her long and shiny hair. Vergara has been the brand ambassador of Head & Shoulder for a while now.

Besides being part of many commercials for the brand, Vergara has also mentioned in many instances that she is a long-time user of the brand.

Peyton Manning – Papa John’s Pizza

When it comes to endorsement, it is not only confined to the actors or actresses. Some athletes also have a massive fanbase that can benefit the brand. One of those athletes is the former NFL star, Peyton Manning.

Manning has been the face of many brands, the most notable is his association with the Papa John’s Pizza Chain. Besides the pizza chain, Manning also endorsed other various brands like the General Motors division, Buick.

Taylor Swift – Coca-cola

Another celebrity on the list is the queen of country-pop music, Taylor Swift.

Swift has a whole fan following on the internet who call themselves Swifties. So, coke offered her to be the face of its campaign for the diet coke in 2013. The campaign was called the Stay Extraordinary campaign. It was advertised in every media, including from TV to print. Ever since then, Swift has been its ambassador, and Coca-cola has been her long-term partner.

Oprah Winfrey – Weight Watchers

Many times a brand needs a celebrity with a louder voice to reach a huge mass audience. And who would be better to gather more people than Oprah Winfrey?

Winfrey has been the brand ambassador of Weight Watchers for a long time now. Winfrey had problems dealing with her weight, so she used Weight Watchers for years. Her association with the brand was more than enough, but having her as its brand ambassador and an investor made the brand more popular.

Drake – Sprite

Another celebrity on the list having an association with promoting a brand is the Canadian rapper Drake. Drake has been the brand ambassador of the soft drink brand Sprite for a long time now.

Sprite initially approached Drake for its “ Spark” campaign in 2010. The campaign was a hit, and the company decided to do another “Obey Your Thirst” campaign again with him in 2015. This time Sprite celebrated its brand ambassador by printing his well-known lyrics on the cans.

Justin Timberlake – McDonald’s

The list of celebrities being brand ambassadors continues with the talented singer Justin Timberlake. McDonald’s approached the talented singer to be its brand ambassador in 2013.

Since then, Timberlake has been its face. Not only has the fast-food chain used the popularity of Timberlake, but it has also been using his voice. Timberlake is the voice behind the famous jingle of the brand, “I’m Lovin’ It”, for which he still receives royalties.

Jennifer Aniston – Vital Proteins

Another celebrity who has been the face of not one but many brands is the beautiful Jennifer Aniston from the most loved show Friends. After the success of her show, Aniston got approached for all kinds of endorsements.

She was the face of Windows 95, Diet Coke, and many other big brands. She even got a proposal to become the brand ambassador of Vital Proteins, a collagen supplement brand.

Michael Jordan – Nike

The last one on the list is the former NBA star Michael Jordan.

Jordan has been the ambassador of the sneaker brand Nike ever since 1984. Nike even customized its sneakers to iconic ones and called them the Air Jordans. These sneakers got instantly sold.

After this, Nike created 33 other editions with many re-releases and more designs. It also gave rise to the Jordan Brand. Initially, the Jordan brand was just a subsidiary, but later it became its brand. Though Nike owns the Jordan brand, Michael Jordan still gets a percentage of the revenue.

As much as a brand needs celebrities to sell its product, these celebrities also need brands to earn extra money. Many of them earn more from endorsing a brand than they earn from their projects. Also, when a brand gets associated with a celebrity, both its sales and reputation reach another level.

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