NFL  Players Who Accept Bitcoin

NFL Players Who Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been around for some time after being invented in 2008. 

Many NFL players have started accepting their entire or a portion of their salary in the form of Bitcoins. 

Today, we will be talking about a few of these NFL players who accept Bitcoin.

Russell Okung (Accepts 50% of His Salary in Bitcoins)

NFL Players Who Accept Bitcoin Russellokung

The first name on the list is Russell Okung, the first-ever NFL player to accept Bitcoins as his salary.

The offensive tackle of the Carolina Panthers agreed to receive fifty percent of his salary, which was 13 million USD, in Bitcoins.

He got connected with the Strike app, through which he handles all of his Bitcoins.

After Okung, many other NFL players have followed in his footsteps and have accepted payments from the NFL and other endorsement companies in the form of Bitcoins.

Odell Beckham Jr. (Receives Pay in Bitcoin)

NFL Players Who Accept Bitcoin Odell Beckham Jr.

The wide receiver from the Los Angeles Rams, Odell Beckham Jr, is also one of the NFL players who has come around Bitcoins.

He recently associated with the Squares Cash app to manage Bitcoins, which he gets as a salary.

Beckham now directly receives pay from the NFL in the form of Bitcoins. He even declared to give away 1 million in Bitcoins to his Twitter followers to raise awareness about Bitcoins.

Aaron Rodgers (Receives Only a Few Percent of His Salary on Bitcoin)

NFL Players Who Accept Bitcoin Aaron Rodgers

Like Odell Beckham Jr, the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers also moved to receive his salary from the NFL in Bitcoins.

He has been playing in the NFL since getting picked in the 2005 NFL Draft. He used to receive his payment from NFL traditionally, but now since Bitcoins have become common, he too moved to it.

However, to be on the safe side, Rodgers has agreed to receive only a portion of his salary in Bitcoins.

Saquon Barkley (Portion of the Salary and Endorsement Deals in Bitcoin)

NFL Players Who Accept Bitcoin Saquon Barkley

Another NFL player on the list is Saquon Barkley, who is also playing it safe by only accepting a portion of his NFL salary in Bitcoins.

Barkley is one of the star running backs in the NFL, who has played for the New York Giants since 2018.

Like Rodgers, he also accepts only some portion of his salary in Bitcoins. However, in the case of endorsement deals, he is ready to receive the full payment in Bitcoins.

Sean Culkin (The First NFL player to Accept All His Earnings in Bitcoins)

NFL Players Who Accept Bitcoin Sean Culkin

Many NFL players aren’t sure about Bitcoins and are playing it safe by accepting only a portion of their salary in Bitcoins.

But, few other NFL players have shown complete faith in bitcoins. One of them is Sean Culkin.

Culkin plays in a tight end position.

He has played for some of the strongest teams of the NFL, like Baltimore Raven and Los Angeles Chargers, and is now playing for the Kansas City Chiefs as a free agent.

He receives his entire salary from the NFL in Bitcoins and is the first NFL player to receive all his earnings in Bitcoins.

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Tom Brady (Accepted Salary in Bitcoin from the FTX exchange)

NFL Players Who Accept Bitcoin Tom Brady

Another name on the list is Tom Brady, the former quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New England Patriots.

Brady just ended his twenty-two-year-long career and retired on February 1st of this year.

But before retiring, he received Bitcoins as his pay.

Like other players, Brady did not receive it from the NFL as his salary but from the FTX exchange. The FTX exchange paid him in Bitcoins as he bought shares of Sam Bankman Fried’s exchange and became its ambassador.

Trevor Lawrence (Accepts Bitcoins in Endorsements Payment)

NFL Players Who Accept Bitcoin Trevor Lawrence

The last one on the list is another quarterback of the NFL, Trevor Lawrence, who also is in the group of players receiving Bitcoins from the FTX exchange but not from the NFL directly.

He is a young football player who just started his professional career last year after getting picked by the Jacksonville Jaguars during the 2021 NFL Draft.

Though Lawrence is okay with Bitcoins, he doesn’t take his salary from the NFL in Bitcoins. Instead, he only receives Bitcoins as pay for endorsements. 

A few NFL players have complete faith in Bitcoin and have agreed to receive all of their salary from the NFL in Bitcoins.

However, many have shown doubts by limiting it to only a portion of their salary. Despite receiving Bitcoin partially as salary, these players have no problem when it comes to receiving payment from endorsements entirely in Bitcoins. It suggests that these players are willing to use Bitcoins as an investment rather than direct income.

Either way, more and more NFL players are shifting toward using Bitcoins, and there is also a possibility that someday the NFL might pay all of its players in Bitcoins.


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