Who would win Spiderman VS Hulk

Who Would Win: Spiderman VS Hulk?

What’s a better way to indulge yourself in fantasies and the imaginary world taking a break from all the mess that is going on in your life, than with movies, animations, or comics! 

The younger generations or even adults love Superheroes, heroic forms/characters. Spiderman and Hulk being one of the most loved characters there is always a question of whether Spiderman is the better or Hulk?

Spiderman VS Hulk: Who is better?

The answer to this varies from individual to individual. According to internet research, people are convinced that Spiderman is much better than the Hulk, which is my personal view am not convinced.

Spiderman is someone whose DNA is specialized with the DNA of spiders making him above and beyond humans. Spiderman has the most unique fighting style, a high degree of awareness along with incredible speed and accuracy.

The most impressive part, Spiderman heals faster than anyone.

On the other hand, Hulk, my boy, is beyond the reach of Spiderman. The topmost advantage and ability of Hulk would of course be a strength that is decided by his anger. The furious he is the more strength he has. He can also leap great distances without harming himself and has skin that is impenetrable along with super lungs which help him submerge longer periods in the water, exposure to harmful gases along with temporary survival in outer space.

Can Spiderman defeat Hulk?

The answer to this title would be equally divided into 50-50. As Hulk, no doubt has more strength than anyone else but Spiderman too holds powers of flexibility and not to forget has spider DNA injected into himself. 

There are chances where spiderman could inject the spider venom to hulk and lie dead but reaching that state too is a lot of hard work and might break some bones. In the case of Hulk, defeating him would be next to a cup of tea. 

Hulk also has greater durability than Spiderman, as for Spiderman to stay in the running will require him prep breaks and recovery time, which Hulk will beat Spiderman in no time. 

Can Spiderman lift Hulk?

While Spiderman is considered and ranked the lowest among the other strength-agitated superheroes like Hulk and Thor, Spidey can lift to 10 tons regularly. But when needed Spiderman can lift higher tons and surprisingly even Thor. When the situation pushes him and challenges his ability, compels him to do things to save the world – Spidey with no doubt can even lift Hulk.

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Strength – Who is stronger, Spiderman or Hulk?

Strength plays a vital role for superheroes along with their own unique and different powers. Likewise, Spiderman is far from the most powerful guy around, but he is quicker with his speed and has a brilliant mind to strategize his powers.

According to the list of victories, Spiderman has won among defeating superheroes – yes Spiderman is stronger than Hulk in terms of mental strength. Spiderman with his flexibility, quickness, and speed, can flip the strongest of them all. 

As said by George Eliot, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” We shouldn’t be looking at Spidey’s body or his abilities to be mistaken by what he can do if Spidey is willing to do it. There’s a reason for Spiderman being one of Marvel’s most iconic characters.

So, who would win, Spiderman or Hulk?

According to research, comics, and movies Hulk is no doubt 20 times stronger than spiderman but spiderman doesn’t lose his senses when he transforms from a normal person to Spidey he analyses and acts accordingly whereas Hulk loses his senses, making him totally absent-minded for most of the time which has also led him to be nearly killed multiple times.

Therefore, Hulk would be defeated by Spiderman.

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