Slotlady Bio, Age, Net Worth, & Husband

Sarah Ellen, better known by her YouTube handle “SlotLady,” is a well-known gambling YouTuber based in Toronto, Ontario. She works as a comprehensive casino streamer as well as a businesswoman with her personal merchandise and brand deals. She plays slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em casino games and streams them.

Note: Her YouTube channel “SlotLady” is changed to “All Casino Action”.

Slotlady Age, Real Name, and Bio

Slotlady, real name Sarah Ellen, was born on 15th December 1992 and is 31 years old as of 2024. She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She goes to casinos in Niagara Falls and Las Vegas regularly. She enjoys physical exercise and goes to the gym regularly.

The detailed information about her family, parents, and academic credits is deliberately secret from the mainstream press.

To sum up,

Real Name Sarah Ellen
Date of birth 15th December 1992
Age 31 years old
Residence Toronto, Ontario
YouTube ChannelAll Casino Action

Is She Married? Slotlady Husband and Divorce

Slotlady likes to keep her personal life quiet. There is no information available about her personal life, husband, home, or marriage. She has had a divorce in the past but other information on her ex-husband and previous relationships are handled privately.

Slotlady Net Worth and YouTube Earnings

Sarah Ellen aka Slotlady’s primary sources of income are likely to be Twitch, Patreon, affiliate deals, her online merch shop, and slot machine winnings, despite her impressive appearance in the gambling section of YouTube as the gambling videos can rarely be monetized on the YouTube.

Her monthly income from her YouTube channel is projected to be between USD 10k and USD 30k, although she earns about USD 5k from Patreons.

However, no information about her exact net worth is available.

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Career as a Youtuber

Sarah, a.k.a. Slotlady is an amazing and cheerful addition to the YouTube gambling community. In July 2017, Slotlady launched her YouTube channel, and her channel is now listed among the most successful female gambler YouTube channels.

Her YouTube channel has more than 230,000 subscribers, and she has more than 26,000 Instagram followers.

You can check her social media accounts and website here.

Slotlady’s YouTube Highlights

With the main inspiration to start the channel being her love of gambling, several of her videos have over 500 thousand views, and some have also reached over a million views over time.

Sarah had amassed over 160,000,000 views by April 2024 after advertising her project on the Vegas Fanatics forum and publishing new fresh content regularly.

Sarah regularly hosts live streams of gaming in land-based casinos on her website, as well as broadcasts of online casino play sessions on her Twitch channel, where she also posts pre-recorded videos.

Unlike other gambling outlets, her content is not limited to traditional slot machine reviews. Her strategy is to open the slot and record whatever happens to be in front of her. Moreover, she also collaborates with fellow gaming and gambling YouTubers such as Brian Christopher on her channel.

Additionally, her channel’s favorite casino slots are centered on movies and television shows, as well as classics.

The Slotlady YouTube channel (Now “All Casino Action”) is growing in popularity daily, but some gamblers have criticized her, saying that she has no understanding of the games she plays.

Moreover, many viewers are not happy with the new guy she has brought into the channel without giving a proper introduction.

However, Sarah continues to post videos and spends her spare time gambling despite the negative feedback. She has created hundreds of videos to date.

Apart from that, Sarah sells T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, sports bags, and phone cases in her online retailer, all of which feature the “Slotlady” logo, which is a smiling lemon.

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Why Did Slotlady Change her Channel Name?

She explains running the channel by herself took a lot of time and effort and she needed someone else to help her with the channel. Also, she wanted to do things beyond the channel. So, she added Victor who she has known for a very long time.

Is Slotlady Single?

Slotlady had to go through a divorce earlier. Although Sarah, the Slotlady may be in a relationship at present, she has been able to keep it private and leave the impression to viewers that she is single.

Why did Slotlady quit?

She has not quit playing slots or streaming her videos on her YouTube Channel. She has just changed the name of the channel and added a member named Victor to help her with the channel.

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