Marty Makary Bio, Age, Net Worth, Wife, & Family [Updated 2022]

Martin “Marty” Makary, also known as Dr. Makary, is a famous English-American surgeon, critically acclaimed author, and influencer. He is currently a health policy consultant at Johns Hopkins and the author of two New York Times bestsellers, ‘Unaccountable’ and ‘Mama Maggie’.

In addition, he is a well-known television medical analyst for NBC and Fox News. He has also appeared on He has also worked as a medical commentator for CNN and Fox News and has appeared on NBC’s Rock Center and ABC 20/20.

Age, Wiki, Bio, Ethnicity, & Nationality, & Family

Martin Adel Makary is of Coptic Egyptian descent and was born in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom.

He was born in 1971 which makes him 52 currently.

His father Dr. Adel Z Makary served as a chief hematologist at Geisinger Medical Center and retired in 2013. He is 85 years old.

Likewise, his mother Nadia Makary worked in the travel industry. Nadia is 77 years old. She was born on September 30, 1946.

Initially, he lived with his family in Baltimore but later relocated to Danville, Pennsylvania, USA. His parents still live in Kaseville Rd, Danville.

Dr Marty A Makary has a younger sister named Maria Jacoby(43 years old) and two younger brothers named Matthew Jacoby(46 years old) and Mark A Makary(51 years old).

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Marty Makary Wife and Relationship

Marty Makary married Kirsten Powers on 7th January 2010 in Fairbanks, Alaska. However, the couple subsequently divorced in 2013.

Kirsten, his ex-wife, now writes for USA Today and works as an on-air political analyst for CNN, where she appears mostly on ‘CNN Tonight’ and ‘The Lead’. Additionally, from their relationship, the former couple doesn’t share any children.

Currently, Marty Makary is reportedly single and unmarried after his divorce. There is no detail about Marty Makary’s personal life due to his high educational record and accomplishments. 

Apart from this, Marty Makary currently resides in the UK, however, the details about the exact location are unclear. 

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Standing at 5 feet and 8 inches in height, he has maintained quite a physique and reportedly weighs around 76 kg.

Marty Makary Net Worth

As per several media sources, the estimated net worth of the famous surgeon Marty Makary is roughly around $4 Million USD. He receives a handsome sum of income as a talented and renowned medical surgeon.

He earns additional revenue from his involvement in additional works such as advocacy, author, media presence, etc. to name a few.

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In view of his educational experience and academic credits, he received his education from Bucknell University and Thomas Jefferson University as well as Harvard University. He was the president of the student council of Harvard School of Public Health. 

Before that, he went to Danville High School (1989). There, he worked as an emergency medical technician with Danville ambulance. He also volunteered with the East End Fire Company.

Additionally, he began a five-year surgical training program in Georgetown after completing his education at Harvard University, and he also studied under surgeon John Cameron during his time at John Hopkins.

For his primary education, he went to Danville Primary School.

Professional Career

Martin Adel Makary, M.D., M.P.H. started his career as a resident surgeon at Georgetown University.

He now serves as the Chief of Islet Transplant Surgery and a Professor of Surgery at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institution. Abdominal Surgery, Advanced Laparoscopy, Gastrointestinal Cancers and Tumors, Geriatric and General Surgery, Neuroendocrine and Pancreatic Tumors, Cancer Transplants, and several other surgical procedures are among his specialties.

Besides, he is also an established author. His writings are ‘Mama Maggie’. ‘The Price We Pay’ (2018), ‘Unaccountable’, ‘General Surgery Review’, etc. 

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Achievements & Acknowledgements

Marty Makary is a well-known surgeon who performed the first Whipple procedure and the first laparoscopic pancreas islet transplant operation, as well as received the National Pancreas Foundation’s Nobility in Science Award in 2015. 

He is also known for his work as an international specialist in patient safety and a health policy instructor at the Johns Hopkins Blooming School of Public Health. 

Moreover, in 2018, he joined the National Academy of Medicine, and currently, he is the principal investigator for three national grants.

He also received the Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award from the Danville High School Alumni Association.

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