Success Story and Biography of YouTuber Ricky Gutierrez

Ricky Gutierrez is a famous American YouTuber who is known for his professional guidance in the field of the stock market. He has been helping people with real estate earning, stock trading, investing in cryptocurrency through his YouTube channel and other programs.

Gutierrez has a massive fan base and great fortune because of his years of experience in trading and investing. He is the founder of Learn Plan Profit and also the CEO of Techbud Solutions.

Quick Biography

Popular NameRicky Gutierrez
Real NameRicky Gutierrez
Date of birthJanuary 2, 1995
Age29 years old
Place of birthMexico
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
BrotherRoy Gutierrez
SisterNot disclosed
StatusIn a relationship
PartnerNot disclosed
OccupationEntrepreneur, Youtuber, and CEO of Techbud Solution
Net worth1.5 Million – 5.5 Million USD
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Height6.4 ft (195 cm)
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorDark brown
Instagram idrickygutierrezz
YouTubeRicky Gutierrez
FacebookRicky Gutierrez

Ricky Gutierrez’s Net Worth

Gutierrez is a successful entrepreneur who has decoded the stock markets. He bought a house worth half a million USD when he was just twenty years old.

Besides his successful career in trading and investing, Gutierrez also has a massive following on social media, which adds more income to his account. He earns 40 thousand USD just from endorsements and YouTube revenues.

Gutierrez also handles a side profession in flipping luxurious houses and cars and earns 30% to 40% profit. If this wasn’t enough, he is the founder of Learn Plan Profit, which brings him a whopping amount of 70 thousand USD.

All these sums up to make Gutierrez a millionaire with a net worth between 1.5 Million USD to 5.5. Million USD.

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Ricky Gutierrez’s Parents, Sister, and Family

Though Gutierrez is an American citizen, his family was originally from Mexico. His parents then settled in Orange County, California, with their family.

Gutierrez grew up in a Hispanic family with his three sisters and one brother. He has not disclosed much about his sisters, but he has shared that his brother is Roy Gutierrez.

His father came to the USA as an immigrant and started a general contractor business with his brother. Gutierrez shared how his father used to take him and his cousin to work every weekend.

Gutierrez learned the importance of hard work by watching his father and his uncles work. He was determined to make it big, so he did plenty of work here and there.

During his teenage days, he came across an article about a man who made it big by trading penny stocks. It was the start of his successful career in the stock market, and the rest is history.

Along with the dream of making it big, Gutierrez also knew the importance of education, so he moved to Arizona. In Arizona, he went to Arizona State University and graduated with a degree.

Currently, Gutierrez is living in a luxurious house with his family in Gilbert, Arizona. He is living the American dream that everyone dreams.

Ricky’s Girlfriend and Relationship

Gutierrez is pretty open about his relationship with his girlfriend. He has included her on many of his videos and even in Instagram posts. But when it came to her identity, he kept his lips sealed.

No one knows much about their love story, but everyone knows that the two love birds are happily in love with each other.


From his early childhood, Gutierrez saw his father and uncles working and doing hard labor. So, he understood the need for education. 

He did his schooling at the public schools in California. When it came to attending college, he chose Arizona.

Gutierrez attended Arizona State University, where he got his degree in entrepreneurship and technology management.

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Before becoming a successful entrepreneur and YouTube guru, Gutierrez went through his share of difficulties.

Being raised in a strict Hispanic family, Gutierrez had a sense of hard work. At the young age of five or six years, he used to do labor for his father during the weekend. He remembers it being hard, but it was something that gave him character.

At the early age of fourteen, Gutierrez started Fingerboard Hustle with his friends, a mini wooden board where one had to skateboard miniature skates with their fingers.

With time his friends lost their interests and withdrew from the game, but Gutierrez continued it. He used to earn a few thousand from it annually.

It was around this time when he came across an article about a man who turned his life for the good by trading penny stocks. It made him interested in the stock market. Gutierrez then used all of his savings from Fingerboard Hustle and opened an account in the stock market after coming to age. 

He was determined to make it big, but his early years were rocky. He lost a lot of money in the stock market due to a lack of proper knowledge. After losing money, Gutierrez started selling and buying penny stocks without any profit for five years. He did it for years until he started getting the hang of it and knew the dos and don’ts of the stock market.

While Gutierrez was still working in the stock market and was taking classes in Arizona, he was also doing arbitrage on eBay and Amazon with his cousin. They would buy things for cheap and sell them for more.

He also worked as a part-time telemarketer and used to make fifty thousand USD every year. All this time, he had trading and real estate investing as his side hustle.

After all these years of hard work and a rocky journey, Gutierrez became a successful entrepreneur with many companies. He is the CEO of the Techbud Solutions and Learn Plan Profit. Both of these bring similar-minded people together and help them throw their careers.

Gutierrez also started sharing his knowledge about the stock market through his YouTube channel after his success. He has his channel, where he talks about real estate earning, stock trading, sound business strategies, and many other things. 981 K people have subscribed to his channel.

Besides these, flipping cars and houses are another side hustle of Gutierrez. When he was eighteen, he was drawn to the car industry as his brother worked as a dealer. From those days, he started loving flipping cars. Initially, it was only cars, but later it even included houses.

If all of these weren’t enough, Gutierrez owns Techbuds apparel which sells branded items like clothes, wall arts, etc.


Gutierrez has been sharing his knowledge and experience with thousands of other people. He has tons of followers who look up to him, but not all share the same feeling.

Few people have their own contrasting opinions about him. Some critics see him as a scammer who makes money by selling their courses with exaggerated talks.

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