Jeff Gillooly is the culprit behind the planning of the Cobo Arena Attack. He, along with his friend Shawn Eckardt planned an attack on the figure skater Nancy Kerrigan. The objective behind this attraction was to stop Kerrigan from competing in skating competitions. Kerrigan was the longtime rival of his ex-wife, Tonya Harding. So, by hurting Kerrigan, Gillolly wanted to clear his ex-wife’s path. 

Gillooly denied the crime initially but later confessed it on the 27th of January 1994. He confessed his crime and also disclosed that his ex-wife Harding was also part of it. For this, Gillooly got a lighter punishment of two years in jail. But he only served for six months and got out in 1995. After his time in prison, Gillooly changed his name to Jeff Stone and is living a regular life with his third wife and two children.

Quick Summary

Popular NameJeff Gillooly
Real NameJeff Gillooly
Adopted nameJeff Stone
Date of birthSeptember 15, 1967
Age56 years old
Place of birthOregon, USA
FatherJames Marvin Gillooly
MotherMargaret laverne Gillooly
SiblingsNot disclosed
SpouseChristy Novasio
Ex-spouseTonya Harding and Nancy Sharkey
SonNoah Stone
DaughterHaley Stone
OccupationCar Salesman
Net worth17 Million USD
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack

Jeff Gillooly’s Net Worth and Earnings

Gillooly worked as a conveyor belt operator when he was married to the figure skater Tonya Harding. After getting married, he even worked as a manager for his wife.

However, this ended when he got arrested for planning an attack against Nancy Kerrigan. When he came out of prison, he started working as a car sales manager.

But it did not help him to earn money. There were also several times when he went bankrupt. So, he sold the sex tape that he made with his ex-wife Harding to Penthouse at 400 thousand USD. 

Besides this, Golloory also got money from many projects based on the Cobo Arena attack.

All these gave him a net worth of 17 Million USD.

Jeff Gillooly Family, Parents, and Early Life

Gillooly was born and raised in Oregon by his parents James and Margaret. Though no one knows much about his childhood, everyone knows about his adult life.

He was a shy and introverted person who worked as a conveyor belt operator. However, his life changed after he met Tonya Harding. They both were just teenagers when they met each other.

Gillooly married Harding in 1990, but their marriage started to fall apart. Many times, Harding reported him for domestic abuse and filed for divorce twice.

They finally got divorced in 1993 but were still in touch. Gillooly and Harding even plan the attack on Harding’s rival Nancy Kerrigan together. 

Initially, Gillooly and his friend were the only ones who were found guilty to plot a plan against skater Kerrigan. But later, even Harding was found to be involved.

For this, Gillooly got two years in prison, but he served only six months. 

After getting out of prison, he decided to keep his past aside and start a new life. He changed his name to Jeff Stone and even got rid of his signature moustache.

He then married Nancy Sharkey and had two children with her, Noah and Haley.

However, his marriage fell apart for the second time, and the couple got divorced in 2000. His second wife struggled with drugs for many years before ending her life in 2005.

Even after two failed marriages, Gollooly did not give up on finding love. He then married his third wife with his current wife, Christy Novasio.

He is currently living in his hometown with his third wife and children, away from the media. Though he has tried his best to stay below the radar, his name always pops out whenever anyone mentions the Cobo Arena Attack.

In 2017, even a movie titled I, Tonya got made depicting the Arena attack. Margot Robbie played Harding while Sebastian Stan portrayed Gillooly. It became a hit and earned 30 Million USD.

Besides the movie, there are many more documentaries and projects based on the attack involving Gillooly. 

However, he has maintained his distance from the media as much as possible. But he gave an interview to Deadspin once. In the interview, he shared that he is ashamed of the stupid thing he did to Kerring but do not regret it. He cleared that all those incidents brought him the happy life that he is living now.

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Gillooly Gillooly Wife

Gillooly has married thrice to this date. His first marriage was with the former skate champion, Tonya Harding. He met her for the first time when he was seventeen, and she was fifteen.

The couple were together for many years before tying the knot in 1990. However, things were not going great in their marriage. They had a toxic relationship where Gillooly even abused his wife.

So, Harding filed for divorce, which got finalized in 1993. Though the couple got divorced, they still were in touch.

But things changed after the Cobo Arena Attack as Gillooly went to prison, and Harding got banned from skating.

After serving six months in prison, Gillooly came out and married his second wife, Nancy Sharkey. He met Sharkey during a medicare appointment in 1991. They kept in touch even after he was in prison.

Gillooly and Sharkey were married for five years and even had two children. However, they parted ways in 2000.

After the divorce, Gillooly took his two children and started living his life. He then married his current wife, Christy Novasio, in 2012.


No one knows anything about the academic qualification of the mastermind of the Cobo Arena Attack.


In the early days, Gillooly started working as an operator to earn his ends. But after marrying his first wife, he worked as her manager until the infamous attack.

After the attack, he went to jail. Once he was out, he started working as a car salesman.

Besides this, nothing is out about his career as he has maintained privacy about his personal life.


Gillooly was in constant controversies ever since his association with his first wife, Harding. He was sued many times for abuse and even got a restraining order from the court.

However, the most controversial incident about him that shook the whole media was the scandalous Cobo Arena Attack.

The Cobo Arena Attack is the infamous incident where the skate star Nancy Kerrigan got attacked. Gillooly was the one who had planned this whole attack.

He took help from his friend, Shawn Eckardt, to hire Derrick Smith and his nephew Stant to attack Kerrigan. As per the plan, Stant attacked Kerrigan while she was in Cobo Arena in Michigan.

Stant hit on her right lower thigh with a 21-inch telescopic baton. Kerrigan was injured and could not participate in the Skating Championship. She was the rival of Harding, and this was what Gillooly wanted from the start. He wanted her out of the picture so that Harding could win.

However, this attack became many headlines. The FBI found Gillooly guilty in this case. After just four days of the release of the warrant against Gillooly, he confessed that even Harding was a part of the plan.

Harding denied it, but soon the investigators found notes from the trashcans of Gillooly and Harding. Upon inspection, a handwriting expert confirmed that it was indeed the handwriting of Harding. Harding had written the practice schedule of Kerrigan on the notes.

After this discovery, Gillooly was sentenced to two years in jail while Harding got banned from skating throughout her life.

This attack was not the only time he made headlines. He was again in the headlines for selling the sex tape which had him and Harding on it. 

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