Know about this Florida Shooter Don Spirit Who killed his Children & Grandchildren

Would you support the view that someone would be so cruel to have the audacity to kill their own blood relation? Well, after the Don Spirit mass killing case came forth, our thoughts set off absolutely parallel. 

Who is Don Spirit? What was his age?

A 51-year-old Don Spirit who stands at an impressive height of 5 feet 9 inches seems ordinary and sane; from his visual appearance, he emerged as a psychopath.

The world discovered his catastrophic plot after he gunfire his daughter, Sarah Spirit, and his own grandchildren from his daughter, particularly age groups between 2 months to 11 years old. The man who once told the world that his only medication was his family finished off his whole pedigree.

Don Spirit is originally from New Jersey, United States where he was born. Later he settled in Tampa, a city in Florida. After living some years in Tampa, he then relocated to Bell, Gilchrist County, North Florida, United States in 1998 with his family.

During his time in Tampa, his former neighbors witnessed his numerous violent actions which included smacking and yelling at his children. One of his former neighbors, Corin Sleight, who was also his daughter’s friend, stated that he was a jerk. She also added that she and her family didn’t like him too much. He always used to yell and was not a nice person.

Educational Qualification Background 🎓 

He is a common fellow with no prominent background. He only came into notability after he ferociously slayed his children. In consequence, it is obvious that the media didn’t give much primacy in a thorough inspection of his educational background. All that came to light was his lunatic mindset and his disturbed behaviors towards his family and the people around him.

Hence, with no strong evidence regarding his educational background, we can’t confidently state anything.

Don Spirit’s Family, Parents, & Siblings 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

His family background is still a whole lot of mystery to be revealed to the world. Many of the audiences blame Don’s parents for his mean-tempered personality. If he was taught good behaviors at that time of his childhood, many lives would have been saved. Aside from these facts, he has a sister named Cindy Spirit Ritch.

Relationship & Girlfriend/ Wife & Children 💑 

As reported by multiple articles, Spirit had three children; two sons Kyle Spirit and Joshua Spirit, and one 28-year-old daughter Sarah Lorraine Spirit from his former wife Christine Jeffers.

After he was imprisoned for three years in charge of killing his then 8-year-old son Kyle on a hunting trip, Don and Christine processed for their divorce where Don asked for his surviving son Joshua’s custody saying his mother Christine can’t look after Joshua like he can.

Despite the fact that their relationship came to an end, his former wife always kept supporting him and asked the court to be merciful towards him for shooting their son.

After 13 years of so-called accidental gun firing at his 8-year-old son Kyle on a hunting trip, Don again grabbed attention for his similar notorious deed. He fatally assassinated his 28-year old daughter Sarah Lorraine Spirit, granddaughters; 2-and-a-half-year-old Alanna Stewart, 4-years-old Brandon Stewart, 5-years-old Destiny Stewart, 9-years-old Kylie Kuhlmann, and grandsons; 8-years-old Jonathan Kuhlmann, and 11-years-old Kaleb Kuhlmann.

Don Spirit Earnings, Income, & Net Worth

Many people believe that Don carried all these depressing activities out of impoverishment. Before he was tagged as a murderer, he had a long criminal record which includes drug possession, divesting children of food and shelter, and much more which officially made him an actual culprit. His net worth, incomes, and earnings; nothing has been brought to light.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Name: Don Spirit

Full Real Name: Donald Spirit

Popularly Known as: Murderer

Country: United States

Nationality: American

Profession: N/A

Age: 51 years old (2021)

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weight: 90 kg

Body Measurements: N/A

Religion: Christianity

Birth Place: New Jersey, United States

Date of Birth (Birthday) 🎂: N/A

Net Worth (2021) 💲: N/A

Income/Earnings/Salary 💲: N/A

Education Qualification 🎓: N/A

School/college 🏫: N/A

Father Name: N/A

Mother Name: N/A

Brother Name: N/A

Sister Name: Cindy Spirit Ritch

Marital status: Married

Relationship Status ❤: Married

Girlfriend Name: N/A

Wife Name: Christine Jeffers

Children/Kids: 3

Son Name: Kyle Spirit, Joshua Spirit

Daughter Name: Sarah Lorraine Spirit

Facebook Account: N/A

Instagram Account: N/A

Twitter Account: N/A

Wikipedia: N/A


Official Social Sites

****** NO SOCIAL MEDIAS*****

Some Facts About Don Spirit

1.  He called 911 to inform them that he was going to hurt himself or someone around him.

2.  He died by suicide on September 18, 2014, in Bell, Florida, United States.

3.  When Gilchrist County Sheriff Robert Schultz arrived at the scene of the crime, he found dead bodies of the victims all over Spirit’s premises in Bell, Florida, United States.

4.  Don physically tortured his daughter Sarah when his grandchild was developing in her uterus.

5.  He accidentally killed his son Kyle on November 14, 2001, outside Kenansville where a bullet went through his head. 

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