Hoff Twins – Who Are They?

Hoff Twins are two 28 years old brothers from Marin City, California, who became an internet sensation in 2021 after their documentary became viral.

The documentary, The Hoff Twins, which Nic Mosher directed for Chanel 5, drew lots of attention and brought the Hoff twins into the limelight.

The Hoff twins, Alex Hoff and his twin brother Tyler Hoff, are the only white boys living in the black community of Marin City, also called the Jungle.

Despite being from white ethnicity, the two boys are much loved in their community and have blended perfectly well. Their existence and relations within the hood, shown in the documentary, made people very interested in them and an overnight sensation.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameHoff Twins
Real NamesAlex Hoff 
Tyler Hoff
Date of birthFebruary 26, 1996
Age28 years old
Place of birthMarin City, California, USA
HometownMarin City, California, USA
Current ResidenceMarin City, California, USA
FatherNot disclosed
MotherNot disclosed
One daughter
Two sons
DaughterNot disclosed
SonsTrue Hoff
OccupationYouTubers and Rappers
Net worthUnknown
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
Instagram idthe_finnesserr,
FacebookHoff twins
YouTubeHoff Twins

Hoff Twins’ Net Worth

The twins got enormous fame overnight, which brought them many other opportunities.

Their documentary on YouTube Channel 5 got over 3 million views and became their door towards more fame and fortune.

Before becoming famous, the twins used to make money from here and there, but after all the fame, they turned themselves into artists.

The twins then started their own YouTube channel and even released several songs. 

Since then, they have been earning a good deal of money, and it is safe to assume they have a decent net worth.

Hoff Twins’ Personal Life and Family

The twins were born and grew up in Marin City, California, just twenty minutes away from San Francisco.


They have not disclosed the identity of their parents. However, they shared that their parents divorced when they were young, as both their mother and father could not see eye to eye.

After the divorce, their father moved to Seattle while their mother settled in Marin City as she had a low income.

Both the twins grew up in Marin City under the care of their mother, who always told them to step up and thrive in the hood.

It was difficult for the boys to adjust as they were the only white children in the hood.

Other kids used to bully the twins and even chase them to their houses with bats. 

It was even more difficult for the boys as people used to rob their houses and throw stones at their windows.

But eventually, the twins learned to fight back to save themselves and their mother.

They not only saved themselves in the hood but also became a part of it.

The African-American community of the hood started treating them like one of their own. 

The twins blended so well in the hood that the people around them even allowed them to use the N-word, which would be offensive if any other person from a white ethnicity had said it.

The twins often get backlash on the internet for using the N words, but many have come to the term that since they grew up as a part of the African-American community, they are also part of it.

Because of growing up in the hood, the twins have a hippie lifestyle.

They spend hundreds of dollars on alcohol and tobacco daily and enjoy the works of great black artists.

After becoming famous, the two even released many raps of their own.

Though they became an overnight sensation and have money now, they still live together in the same hood with their mother and children.

Hoff Twins Dating, Relationship, and Children

Both Alex and Tyler are not in serious relationships but are great fathers. 

Alex is the father of two sons, one is still an infant, and another is 17 years old, while Tyler has a 5-year-old daughter.

Both the twins have baby-mamma that they are seeing, but none of them are engaged or married.

In one of their interviews, they shared that they are still waiting for their perfect partner with whom they will have mental and physical connections.

For now, both of them are just enjoying their time messing around with beautiful African-American girls in the hood with several girls.


The twins have shared their experiences of their time in school but have yet to share their educational qualifications.

Because of this, no one knows if they even completed high school or not.


Hoff twins had a career as weed sellers before the documentary changed their life.

They used to sell weeds in their hood ever since they were teenagers.

Later, Alex continued selling weeds while Tyler started working as a full-time plumber.

However, after they became famous and new opportunities started coming to their doors, they started focusing more on their newfound online fame.

They then started their YouTube channel and gained popularity. Their channel has around 16.5 thousand subscribers now. 

However, in the beginning, many of their videos used to get flagged for using the N-word.

Once, YouTube even took down their channel. After this, the twins went to the headquarter of YouTube.

In the headquarter, they talked to one of its representatives and restored their page within two hours.

Besides their YouTube channel, the twins even released several songs such as Twins exotics, Twins for the Win, Zack & Cody, Never Switch, etc.

They also sell merchandise like clothes, accessories, gifts, masks, phone cases, etc., with their faces on them. Recently, they even started selling items for pets as they are dog lovers.  

The Hoff twins are living a comfortable life with a stable career and have recently started building their career in movie making.

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