NFL is all about physical stamina and mental intelligence. However, few players make the fans question the entire NFL because of their lack of common sense. These players do dumb plays on the field and continue doing dumb stuff even off the field.

Some of these NFL players have even been called out publicly for their lack of intelligence. Here are some of the players who make us doubt the entire selection process of the NFL.

Micheal Vick

The first one on the list is Micheal Vick. Vick had a great career in the NFL, where he played as a quarterback for a total of fourteen seasons for four different NFL teams, but he almost ruined his career with his dogfighting scandal.

In 2007, investigators found that he was conducting illegal dog fighting rings, which is a dumb move for an NFL player.

Though he continued his career, he received three years in jail and came out early because of his decent behavior but paid a fine of 2500 USD.

Joseph Randle

The second one on the list is the running back of the Dallas Cowboys, Joseph Randle. Randle is the perfect example of an NFL player without the minimum intelligence.

Despite the great pay from the NFL, the running back got caught in 2014 shoplifting underwear and cologne from a store.

If this was not the dumbest thing he could he, he was also arrested for giving 100 USD to a female cop in exchange for a massage.

Randle even argued with his teammate Dez Bryant just before their practice.

Antonio Brown

The list of the dumbest NFL players continues with the wide receiver Antonio Brown, who started his NFL journey with Pittsburg Steelers at the 2010 NFL Draft.

Brown threw his jersey mid-game while playing for Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He even refused to go back to the camp when the head coach approached him, which indicates that his time with the Buccaneers was over.

It isn’t the first time Brown has acted dumb. Once during cryotherapy, he got frostbite because of not wearing proper footwear.

Recently in 2022, his pool video in Dubai was out which made a lot of people criticize him for his behavior.

Antonio Brown Pool Video in Dubai

He even got on the dark side of the NFL when he tried to bring an illegal helmet to the field.

Sammy Watkins

If you think the above NFL players were the dumbest, you should hear about Sammy Watkins. Watkins started with Buffalo Bills but now plays for the Green bay Packers as a wide receiver and is one of the dumbest NFL players.

Watkins often shares his personal beliefs in aliens, supernatural powers, and other stuff that makes no sense. He even shares that he is also an alien.

And if this isn’t ridiculous enough, seeing him on the field is worse. He does these weird drills on the field that makes fan question his place in the NFL.

Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston, who also lacks the bit of intelligence that one should have, follows Sammy Watkins on the list.

The Pro Bowl-winning quarterback has been playing for New Orleans Saints since 2020 and is infamous for his lack of wits.


People still talk about his infamous entry in one of the games with pads and speech to get away from suspension after shoplifting crab legs.

Winston has done so much dumb stuff that Kevin Hart roasted him to stop doing these dumb things on his face.

Despite the roast from Hart, the quarterback has not made any changes. He continues doing dumb stuff like devouring Ws during the game.

Carson Wentz

The list of dumbest NFL players continues with the quarterback of Washington Commanders, Carson Wentz.

Wentz is not only known for his self-centered ways but also for the ridiculous and dumb stuff that he does on the field.

He acts all superior in front of the media, but when it comes to playing on the field, he does such dumb plays that even fans rub their eyes in disbelief.

His dumb gameplay and other dumb acts lead to the downfall of his career and the NFL team for which he is playing.

Josh Rosen

The last one on the list of dumbest NFL players is Josh Rosen, who plays as the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

Rosen has played with more than five NFL teams since 2018, but looking at his gameplay on the field makes everyone wonder what they see in him.

The quarterback only talks and is full of himself when he doesn’t even play well. Rosen even acted up for being drafted tenth in the 2018 NFL Draft and commented that other NFL teams missed out on their opportunity by not selecting him.

josh rosen unintelligent nfl player

However, if we see his game, he not only lacks the skills but also lacks minimum intelligence. His dumbness is so profound that even the NBC announcer commented that he was not that smart.

The list only has a few of the NFL players who fans think are dumb. However, there are plenty more players who might make fans doubt how they made it to the NFL.

While some of these players are just arrogant, a few are dumb, not realizing the kind of platform they have and the great things they can do with it.

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