Darko Perić's Net Worth, Education, Family & Career

Darko Perić’s Net Worth, Education, Family & Career

Darko Perić is a talented actor from Siberia. He has become a fan favorite for portraying Helsinki in the popular Spanish series La Casa del Papel or Money Heist. In the series, Helsinki is the cousin of Oslo and one of the robbers in the heists. Through the series, Perić has gathered immense popularity throughout the world.

Besides being a world-famous actor, Perić is also a graduate in veterinary, though he doesn’t practice it. He was a bright kid from the beginning who even got accepted in a famous animation school but couldn’t enroll because of the Yogoalaviva wars. Besides being academically talented, Perić is also an expert multilingual. His ability to speak more than ten languages has helped him even in his acting career.

Quick Bio

Popular NameDarko Perić
Real NameDarko Perić
Date of birthMarch 25, 1977
Age47 years old
Place of birthKladovo, SR Serbia, Yugoslavia
FatherDragisa Perić
MotherNot disclosed
SiblingsNot disclosed
SpouseRoxi Perić
SonNot disclosed
OccupationAuthor and Qigong trainer
Net worth5 Million USD
Height6 ft 1 in ( 185 cm)
Weight115 kg
MeasurementChest- 46
Waist- 35
Biceps- 18
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlue
Instagram iddarkoperich

Darko Perić Net Worth

The talented actor has been acting since 2000 and has been part of numerous plays and other projects.

He already had a successful theater career before joining the silver screen. Even after being part of movies and series, he enjoyed quite a success, which got magnified after his role in Money Heist.

With the series, Perić earned a great deal of popularity and fortune. The actor had around 5 million USD as his net worth till last year.

Height, Weight, and Physical Measurements

Perić has a giant build when it comes to his physical appearance. He stands tall at 6 feet and 1 inch and weighs around 115 kg. 

He is the tallest and bulkiest actor among the main cast of Money Heist. His bulky stature makes him more relatable to his character in the series.

Family, Early Life, and Birthplace

Perić was born in SR Serbia in Yugoslavia but lived in many countries after becoming an adult.

He has not shared much about his personal life and his family. So, no one knows what his parents do or how many siblings he has.

However, he has shared that he has lived in many cities and countries before settling in Barcelona.

Because of his move to different countries and places, Perić has learned and can speak more than ten languages.

He has also shared that he was interested in arts from a very young age. And after singing “Guantanamera” in a show at the request of one of the famous Cuban singers motivated him to follow his interest. Since the show, he started taking part in every school play. 

However, he forgot his interest as he grew up and joined college to be a vet. He only got it back after becoming friends with the students of the Romania Film Academy.

He then took his studies and acted in short movies side by side. In the following years, he became more active in theater. He also completed his studies and graduated from college.

But with time, Perić left medicine and focused solely on his acting. He acted in many plays, short movies, and other projects. 

Currently, he is an established actor who also teaches Qigong, a form of practice for coordinated body posture, spiritual health, and even martial arts, internationally.

Who is Darko Perić Wife?

Perić has been married to his beautiful wife Roxi, but he has not disclosed much about their married life. So, not many people know how they met or when they got married.
But, the actor of Money Heist often shares pictures with his wife on Instagram. And it is also from Instagram that his fans knew that his wife is a successful psychotherapist and a food enthusiast.
His wife has a whole Instagram page where she posts different delicious and healthy food.
In some of the pictures, we can also see the hands of their little son, who was born in 2016.


Perić was a genius from his early childhood. At the tender age of fourteen, he got accepted into one of the best animation schools in Zagreb. But his dream of going to an animation school was crushed by the Yugoslavia wars.

His parents then sent him to Bucharest in Romania to study veterinary. He lived there for a while then moved to Timiṣoara to complete his studies.

He completed his veterinary studies with an honorary degree.

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Perić started his career as an actor while still in college, studying veterinary in Bucharest.

He rediscovered his long-lost passion for acting after meeting people from the Romania Film Academy.

After reigniting his passion, he actively acted in theaters and some movies.

He even continued following his passion after moving to Timiṣoara. While in Timiṣoara, he also sang in bands and got involved with the local cultural centers. 

In the centers, he met many international stars. These stars inspired him to take his passion to the next step.

With his newfound inspiration, Perić moved to Berlin in Germany and started acting in short movies.

After gaining experience, he then moved to Barcelona in Spain. After coming to Barcelona, he tried his luck in the Spanish movie industry.

He finally landed a role in Crematorio, a Spanish series, in 2010. He acted here and there before getting another role in A Perfect Day, a comedy movie. He then also became part of in Sea of Plastic.

Perić was getting projects and was doing a decent job until he got his breakthrough from Money Heist.

He joined the cast of Money Heist as one of its main characters from season one. In the series, he portrayed the tall and strong Mirko Dragic. Dragic went by the name Helsinki among his peers.

Helsinki was one of the main robbers involved in the heists, trusted with looking after the hostages. He was the cousin of Oslo and had served as a soldier during the Yugoslavia war.

As the series proceeded forward, Helsinki developed a relationship with Palermo, as he is gay.

Throughout the series, Perić showed realistic and natural acting as Helsinki, making him a fan favorite.

He earned worldwide recognition and millions of fans all over the world. Because of his skillful acting in Money Heist, the fans of Perić are eagerly waiting for his next project.

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