Cherry Glazerr's History, Formation, Members, And Albums

Cherry Glazerr’s History, Formation, Members, And Albums

Formed around 2013, Cherry Glazerr is an American rock band that originated from Los Angeles, California, USA. The band was formed by Clementine Creevy who is the current vocalist and guitarist of the band. Besides her, there are two other members – Tabor Allen and Sami Perez who complete the band. 

History and Formation of Cherry Glazerr

Before the origin of the band Cherry Glazerr, it was a solo project designed by a 15-year-old girl named Clementine Creevy. She played the guitar and was the vocalist too. She wrote, performed, and put a few of her songs on Soundcloud in around 2012. Then, after a year, in 2013, those songs were found by Sean Bohrman, the co-founder of Burger Records. After the discovery of the songs, Sean compiled them as a tape and named it ‘Papa Cremp’. 

The solo project got expanded when Clementine Creevy’s high school friends Hannah Uribe and Sophia Muller chipped in. Hannah was on drums while Sophia was on vocals and another friend Sean Redman was on bass. 

After the group establishment, Glazerr began to perform at festivals and events along with many other bands. While they performed at Burgerama festival with SXSW, Beach Goth, they were able to grab the attention of the fashion icon Hedi Slimane. The band was praised and applauded for their performance.

Then finally in 2014, Glazerr released their full-length debut titled ‘Haxel Princess’ on Burger Records. Their debut album featured percussion by Joel Jerome. The album was complimented and loved by many, especially due to Creevy’s amazing vocals and pitches. 

Members of Cherry Glazerr

The band was firstly a solo project designed by Clementine Creevy. Then, it became a trio after Hannah Uribe and Sophia Muller joined in. But, the band has gone through a couple of lineup changes till now since the beginning. Hannah Uribe left the band in 2015. With the loss of a member, the band welcomed two new artists: Sasami Ashworth, a multi-instrumentalist, and Tabor Allem, a drummer.

Likewise, in mid-2016, Sean Redman split from the band and joined his other band name ‘The Buttertones’ as a full-timer. As his replacement, Devin O’Brien joined in to fulfill the role of bassist in the band. Moreover, the multi-instrumentalist Sasami Ashworth also departed from the band in around early 2018 to pursue her own musical career. 

These were the lineup changes the band has gone through till now. Currently, the band is a trio that consists of Clementine Creevy as the lead vocals and guitarist, Tabor Allen as the drummer, and Sami Perez as the bassist. Sami became a member recently in 2018.

Albums and Songs of Cherry Glazerr

After their debut album ‘Haxel Princess (2014), Cherry Glazerr published their sophomore album on January 20, 2017. The album was named ‘Apocalipstick’. This album consists of astounding singles like ‘Told You I’d Be With The Guys’. People praised their album as a fierce and furious album that was loved by many. In the same year, 2017, the band toured across Europe and North America supporting bands like  ‘Foster the People’ and ‘Slowdive’.

In 2016, the band has recorded their first album for Secretly Canadian, an American independent record label, at Hollywood’s Sunset Sound studio. 

Then, in 2018, Glazerr played at Coachella, the biggest annual music festival. There, they released a new single ‘Juicy Socks’. 

After a  year, in February 2019, the band released their new album named ‘Stuffed and Ready’ which was quite a hit. Along with that, they also published a new single ‘Daddi’ which possessed an animated music video made by Danny Cole.

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Discography of Cherry Glazerr

  • Studio Albums
  • Haxel Princess (2014)
  • Apocalipstick (2017)
  • Stuffed & Ready (2019)
  • EPs
  • Papa Cremp (2013)
  • Had Ten Dollaz ( 2014)

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