Celebrities With Small Chins

When we think about celebrities, we picture someone who resembles the Greek god and goddess. However, few of these celebrities have some features that might not match the Greek god and goddess.

Among these many features, having a small chin is also one. Many celebrities have a small chin or weak chin, which is medically termed retrogenia.

While some have made their small chin their identity, some went under the knife to fix it. We will be talking about a few of these celebrities who have or had a small chin.

Ryan Gosling


The first celebrity on the list is the dashing The Notebook actor Ryan Gosling. The actor is best known for his appealing acting and chemistry with his co-stars. He is also known for having a small chin.

In his initial projects, his chin looks different in comparison to the projects that he did later. So, many believe that the actor whose acting was on point in the Academy Award-nominated movie La La Land underwent the knife to fix his chin a bit.

Tom Hanks


Another name on the list is the veteran actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks.

The American cultural icon is known for his hit movies like Forrest Gump, Big, Splash, Philadelphia, etc. He even won two Academy Awards in the best actor category.

Because of his magic on the screen, the audience loved even his weak chin. It has given him extra confidence to flaunt his chin rather than hide it.

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Toby Maguire


The next name on our list is the talented actor who was the first to introduce us to the thrilling and fun spiderman. The actor made us fall for spiderman and also showed us a vulnerable side of his acting through his work in The Great Gatsby. 

Apart from his acting, Maguire also has a small chin, which his fans adore.

Tracy Morgan


When we talk about celebrities with a small chins, the name of the actor and comedian Tracy Morgan pops out.

The humorous comedian of the popular show Saturday Night Live is famous for his comic timing and honest acting.

Along with his impressive skills, Morgan also has a small chin. However, no one pays attention to his chin as everyone is busy laughing at his jokes.


Nicolas Cage


Another celebrity who seems to have a small chin is the two-time Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage.

The actor has been active in Hollywood since 1981 and has given many memorable movies like Leaving Las Vegas, Moonstruck, etc.

As people are busy talking about his acting and presence on the screen, no one seems to care about his weak chin. 

Adam Driver


With his unconventional handsomeness and acting that can make anyone his fan, Adam Driver is the last name on our list of celebrities with a small chin.

Driver is famously known for his natural acting in his movies, Star Wars sequel trilogy, BlacKkKlansman, Marriage Story, etc.

He is also famous for his unconventional facial structure, which also includes his weak chin.

Though many commented on the facial features of Driver, now everyone is a fan of those features.

There are still many celebrities who are known for their small chin in Hollywood. But, since the public has become more open and accepting, now having a small chin is not a big problem.

Many of these celebrities have embraced it and made it part of their identity. With the positive changes in Hollywood, more and more famous people are breaking the stereotypes and are focused on impressing their audience with great acting rather than looks.

If you are interested to know about famous people with double chins, this next article is for you.

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