Andrea Currier’s Net Worth, Education, Family & Career

Andrea Currier is the eldest daughter of the late philanthropist couple Stephen Currier and Audrey Currier and the elder sister of the famous producer and filmmaker Lavinia Currier. Andrea became the heir to a massive inheritance with her two siblings after her parents’ tragic plane incident in 1998. She even got featured in the Forbes Youngest and Oldest billionaires list in 2007. 

Andrea and her siblings grew up to follow the footsteps paved by their parents and became a philanthropist. Besides being a philanthropist, she is also an active preservationist and environmentalist. She works with several other environmental organizations, including Bull Run Mountains Conservancy, which she started herself.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameAndrea Currier
Real NameAndrea Currier Patterson
Date of birth1956
Age0 years old
Place of birthUSA
FatherStephen Richard Currier
MotherAudrey Sheila Currier
SisterLavinia Currier
BrotherMichael Stephen Currier
SpouseDonald Wright Patterson Jr.
SonJustin Bruce Patterson
OccupationPreservationist, environmentalist and philanthropist
Net worth200 Million USD
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown 

Andrea Net Worth

Andrea belongs to the family of a long line of billionaires who held a massive fortune to this date. Her parents themselves were heirs of great families. 

After the death of her parents, she and her siblings became heirs of a large inheritance. It was then equally divided among the three of them. 

Andrea and her siblings had a hefty sum of 200 Million USD in 2007 as their net worth.

Andrea Personal Life And Family

Andrea was born as the eldest daughter of Stephen Richard Currier and Audrey Sheila Currier.

Her father, Stephen, was the sole heir of a famous Jewish family with Irish roots. Likewise, her mother, Audrey, was also the heir to the great inheritance of the Bruce and Mellon family.

Despite both of her parents being from wealthy and influential families, her mother had more money than her father. It created problems among their family, so they eloped and got married.

After marrying, both of her parents continued their philanthropic works in many places. They had to travel a lot for their work and did not spend much time with their children.

Andrea and her siblings grew up under the care of their housemaids. But after the death of their parents, they grew up under the guidance of their parents’ close friend John Simon and his wife. John and his wife looked after them and their inheritance until they turned into adults.

Once Andrea became an adult, she took over the Kinloch farm and started looking after it. She also continued to work as a philanthropist by following in the footsteps of her parents.

Her sister, Lavinia, and brother, Michael, also got involved in philanthropic works. Michael worked as the manager of economic development for the Tibetans exiled from their country.

While Lavinia is also involved in the cause, she is also a successful producer and filmmaker. Lavinia is famous for her movie Passion in the Desert.

Andrea and her siblings grew together and took their path but always continued the legacy of their parents. However, Andrea lost her brother Michael because of an injury acquired during a fall in Santa Fe.

Despite losing her parents and brother, Andrea never changed her views or her act of kindness. Instead, she worked harder for the people and the environment around her.

Her inclination to the welfare of her surroundings even turned her into an environmentalist and a preservationist.

She started her organization called the Bull Run Mountains Conservancy in Broad Run. Besides this, she even worked as a community developer and preservationist for the Chapman Mill Historic Site.

Andrea has a great social life where everyone loves and praises her. Along with it, she also has a pleasant personal life.

She is married to her investor husband, Donald Wright Patterson Jr. Donald focuses his investments on agriculture, technology, and the environment. He also shares the same philosophy of philanthropy as his wife.

Andrea has a son named Justin Bruce Patterson with her husband. Justin is the managing director at the Intermarket Corporation and the managing member of the Harkin Value. He is also married to his interior decorator wife, Anna Elizabeth Burke Patterson, since 2013.

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Kinloch Farm Murder

In 1981, the young manager of the Kinloch farm, Brad Baker, was shot and left to bleed for hours by Ronald Richard Cloud. The dispute started when Baker fired Cloud’s stepfather James Ellen.

The case was still a mystery even after more than three decades of the murder. However, in 1995 Cloud’s brother-in-law tipped the office of Loudoun County Sheriff about the murder. Despite the tip, the case was still cold until Cloud’s younger brother confessed about witnessing the murder in front of the grand jury in 2012.

The same year, a special investigator also got a confession from Ronald Cloud, who was already serving a life sentence on charges of abduction and rape.

With witnesses and confessions, Cloud was charged formally for the murder of Baker in 2013. He pleaded guilty instead of going for a trial.

The court charged Cloud with first-degree murder. During the whole judiciary process, Cloud confessed that his initial intent was to talk to Baker and not kill him. He also shared that he wanted to apologize to the family of Baker for the misfortune. The cold case of the Kinloch farm finally got solved after thirty-two years of the actual murder.

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