Ugliest NFL Wives [Words of Fans]

While the NFL players are big and strong and scary to look at, the same isn’t for their wives. Many wives and partners of NFL players are even more famous than their better halves for their good looks. 

However, a few are also infamous because the fans think something is wrong with their appearance or behavior. Here are a few of the wives and partners of the NFL who are considered ugly by the fans.

Raquel McNabb


Fans think former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb’s wife Raquel looks less feminine and unattractive. But, there’s a reason that Donovan has been holding her since their college days.

The first one on the list is Raquell Nurse, wife of the former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb. The two are college sweethearts who married in 2013 and have four children together. 

Despite giving a stable and happy family of two daughters and two sons that Donovan loves more than his life, fans think Raquel, who goes by Rox, lacks in looks. 

They find her less feminine and think she lacks the beautiful feature usually seen in a wife of an NFL player.

Brenda Warner


56 years old Brenda has infuriated fans on many occasions, including the ones where she accused her husband’s coach of lying.

Another NFL wife on the list who is infamous among the fans is Brenda Warner. 

Brenda is the wife of Kurt Warner, former quarterback of the NFL teams St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals. 

Brenda has an average-looking face, and she is not all ugly. 

However, fans think Brenda is one of the less attractive NFL wives because of her toxic behavior. 

The NFL wife has caused trouble for her husband on many occasions. 

In one of the instances, she called the then-coach of her husband a liar in a radio broadcast.

She also tried taking credit for suggesting her husband take an x-ray of his hand which revealed he had a broken hand. In fact, it was Kurt’s coach Mike Martz.

A year later, she threatened St. Louis Rams about a transfer while her husband was benched.

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Miko Grimes


She has created controversies time and again -mocking her husband’s former teammate, threatening reporters, and even besmirching Miami Dolphins’ owner. A few of those proper reasons for fans to hate her!

Like Brenda, Miko Grimes is also a wife of an NFL player who has an average-looking face, but fans consider her ugly because of the controversies that she creates for her husband, Brent Grimes. 

She married Brent, a former NFL cornerback, in 2010 and has been with him since then. 

Despite having a happy married life, Mico has created many controversies and even pulled her husband into them. 

She has publicly mocked the former teammate of her husband, Ryan Tannehill, on Twitter and even went after Stephen Ross, the owner of the Miami Dolphins. 

She added more trouble for her husband by threatening even the reporters.

Erica Palmer


Breaking Erik’s hand and injuring his girlfriend, Erica Palmer is hated by NFL fans. Police charged her with 13 crimes.

The list of ugly NFL wives continues with the ex-partner of the former NFL linebacker Erik Walden, Erica Palmer. 

While the two were together, fans found Erica’s look below average, and it got worse because of her toxic relationship with her then-boyfriend. 

Initially, Erica got sympathy from the fans as the NFL player assaulted her, and she got hospitalized. 

However, it changed after she confronted Erik with a gun and a basketball when he was with another girl. 

During the incident, she broke the hand of the other woman with the baseball bat and injured the player’s arm with a knife.

Bianca Wilfork


Even an NFL player pointed out her name when asked about unattractive NFL wags.

The above NFL wives and partners got labeled ugly because of their looks, but majorly because of their toxic nature. 

However, there are also a few like Bianca Wilfork, who is considered ugly solely because of her looks. 

Despite having a kind heart and even doing good deeds like raising fun for diabetes research, Bianca Wilfork, the wife of former nose tackle Vince Wilfork, is still considered ugly as she isn’t glamorous as other NFL wives. 

The criticism did not only confined to the fans as even fellow NFL players found Bianca not so attractive. 

During a radio broadcast, former NFL player Ted Johnson took her name when asked about the least beautiful wife of an NFL player. 

Though he later asked forgiveness for his comment, it just added more fuel among the fans who considered Bianca ugly.

The list ends with Bianca Wilfork, but there are still other wives and partners of NFL players whom fans consider ugly for various reasons. 

A few of them deserve to be called ugly because of their toxicity and thoughtfulness, but it isn’t always the case. 

Some of the better halves of the NFL players whom fans consider ugly have hearts of gold that get overshadowed just because they aren’t glamorous or have a pretty face.


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