Who is Jordan Sweeto? His Bio, Girlfriend, & Net Worth

Jordan Sweeto is YouTuber, gamer, singer, songwriter, and musician who runs the YouTube channel DanSweeto. This Canadian-Australian YouTuber has gained over 1.30 million subscribers on YouTube and he also has huge fan followings on other social platforms. He has produced popular songs like ‘I’ll save you’ and ‘When you said forever’.

Bio and Wiki Quick Summary

  • Real name:- Jordan Sweeto
  • Nickname:- Dansweeto, Sweetotoons
  • Date of birth:- 1992-08-13
  • Age:- 31 years old
  • Place of birth:- Alberta, Canada
  • Father:- Not disclosed
  • Mother:- Not disclosed
  • Siblings:- Two younger sisters
  • Partner:- Kayleigh Smyth ‘Wolfychu’
  • Occupation:- YouTuber, gamer, singer, songwriter, musician, animator
  • Net worth:- US $ 500K
  • Nationality:- Canadian-Australian
  • Religion:- Unknown
  • Zodiac:- Leo
  • Height:- 5 ft 10” (178 cm)
  • Weight:- 63 kg
  • Measurement:- Unknown
  • Hair color:- Brown
  • Eye color:- Hazel
  • Complexion:- Fair
  • Facebook id:- Jordan Sweeto
  • Youtube:- Jordan Sweeto 
  • Instagram id:- jordansweeto
  • Twitter:- JordanSweeto
  • YouNow:- 68 JordanSweeto

Family, Parents, and Personal Life

Jordan Sweeto was born in Alberta, Canada. His father is Canadian, while his mother is of Australian descent. 

His mother was visiting Australia to discover new places when she met his father, who was touring with his band. His mother attended one of the shows where his father was performing, and they hit it off from that very night. 

They then got married and had three children; Jordan and his two younger sisters. 

Initially, they used to commute to and from Canada to Australia but later decided to move to Australia permanently. They settled in Canberra, where Sweeto started his primary school. 

He was labeled as the ‘Canadian kid’, and his friends used to come to listen to his different accent. Sweeto never took this in the wrong way. Instead, he used to enjoy talking to them. 

Sweeto grew up in a close family. He even talks about his happy childhood days when he used to play with his sister and his cousin Rylan. He also mentions how he used to sing during the Canadian barn dance that used to take place in his music venue belonging to his grandpa. 

The liking towards music that ran through his family somehow made him love music himself, and he started writing songs and even started singing.

Jordan Sweeto Girlfriend and Wife

Jordan Sweeto is in a long-term relationship with the 29-year-old Kayleigh Smyth, also known as Wolfychu. 

Like Sweeto, Wolfychu is also a YouTuber. They came to know each other when Wolfychu saw one of Sweeto’s videos in 2013. She thought he was cute, so she started following him. 

They talked online and offline for three years as friends. They had similar tastes in games, anime, music, and others, which made them closer. 

After talking for three years online, they decided to meet. So, Wolfychu flew from the UK to Australia, and just after ten days of arriving there, they officially started dating. After returning to the UK, Wolfychu decided to move to Australia permanently. 

Now, both of them live in Australia and are happier than ever before. From time to time, they can be seen together on social media.

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Jordan Sweeto Net Worth

Jordan has an estimated net worth of $1 million at present, thanks to his popularity. He has given us popular songs like I’ll Save You, Pointless, Fright Tonight, How About NO, and more.


Even though Sweeto was born in Canada, he was raised in Australia. 

He went to a primary school in Canberra, Australia. He met his lifelong friends while he was in primary school, with whom he still hangs out. He also completed his homeschooling from the same place. 

He was an active child during his school days. He never failed during his school days. However, studies were his least favorite thing to do in school. 

He was more interested in acting and comedy. Though he used to get decent grades, he never had a passion for studies. He was more focused on entertaining people rather than impressing them with good grades.

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Career and Band

Sweeto used to have an interest in comedy and acting from his school days. He used to enjoy entertaining people.

However, after taking a few children’s acting classes, he lost his motivation towards acting. But at the same time, he grew more towards music. He even took guitar classes but never thought of making it a profession. He used to love writing songs and singing them. 

Once, his mother heard him singing and was shocked. She then requested him multiple times to sing, but he denied it every single time until his mother bribed him with money. 

First, he was nervous, but once he started singing, everyone loved it. He even got a little recording studio where he used to write songs every day. He then even started playing music in school and collaborating with other cool people. 

Eventually, he formed a band, which participated in the battle of bands and won second place. He was nervous but to his contrary people started shouting and singing along. They even gave him the nickname ‘Dansweeto’. 

After graduating from high school, he decided to follow his singing passion and joined YouTube in March 2009. He started uploading cover videos of songs from Owl city and other bands. 

When he got a decent following, he sought out people on YouTube who had the same taste in music as him to form a band. His search ended on Jamie and Brendan. 

These three then formed the band named ‘dansweeto’ and started their first tour in Australia. However, the band disbanded just before their first single, ‘ Forever to me’, which Sweeto had written during his high school days. 

Then only Brendan and Sweeto were left. However, this never stopped their singing career, and they went on their second tour by hiring some session players. It is where they met their bandmate, Ben. 

The three of them formed the band ‘Sweeto’ and continued their singing career. They were approached by professional labels and were even on the cover of magazines. 

However, again the band was disbanded, and only Sweeto was left. Even after being alone, Sweeto never gave up and is still writing and singing many popular songs like ‘I’ll save you’, ‘When you said forever’ etc. 

Besides songs, Sweeto also uploads videos of him playing games, as he often plays video games with his friends. He also uploads animation videos and anime videos. 

Sweeto has a huge following because of his friendly and easygoing nature. He has over 1.29M subscribers on YouTube, over 500K followers on Instagram, and more than 336K more followers on Twitter.

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Because of his friendly, easygoing, and ground-to-earth nature, he has never been in any controversies. Instead, he has a great fanbase who support his signings and his channel.

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