Ibra Acro Boy | Real Name, Age, Height, Bio, Girlfriend, and Net Worth

You may have come across a guy flying over like your favorite superhero character in the avenues of Europe or maybe seen a video clip on your social media feed.

Ever wondered about that guy who completely defies all the laws of gravitation?

Well, we are here to answer every question in your head about the Acro boy. 

Who is Ibra Acro Boy?

Ibrahima Bangoura nicknamed Ibra Acro Boy is an acrobatic gymnast famous for his tumbling skills. He is seen performing in the streets across Europe and completely rebels against all the laws of gravity with his incredible acrobatic aptitudes. 

He started tumbling at the age of 10 and began to work in a street circus at the age of 19.

Since then, he started to travel across Europe for his shows, making him a social media star.

Many social media pages recently started to post his videos on their forum, which led to a rapid increase in his popularity.

The young generation involved in gymnastics takes him as an inspiration.

He shares his videos on TikTok, Instagram, and his YouTube channel. 

Quick Wiki:

Real Name:Ibrahima Bangoura
Nick Name:Ibra Acro Boy
Birthplace:Montpellier, France
Originally fromGuinea, West Africa
Date of Birth:1998 (unverified)
Age:25 years old (unverified)
Height:5 feet 11 inches
Weight:70 kilograms
Hair Color:Black
Hair Color:Black
Occupation:Acrobatic gymnast, street performer 
Net Worth:$500-$700 thousand

How old is Ibra Acro Boy?

The information related to his age is not available in the media. However, looking at him, Ibra Acro Boy must be in his early 20s.

Some reports claim that he was born in 1998, but we don’t have any evidence to prove the statement; hence we’ll tag them as a rumor.

As per those reports, Ibra Acro Boy is 25 years old.

His birthplace is Montpellier, France, whereas his parents were originally from Guinea, West Africa. 

How tall is Ibra Acro Boy?

Ibra Acro Boy stands 5 feet 11 inches tall (1.80 meters) with a weight of around 70 kilograms (154 pounds.)

The fat percentage on his body is extremely low, thanks to his athleticism.

Moreover, Ibra’s body is shredded and exceptionally agile. His complexion is dark, whereas his eyes and hair color are black. 

Why is Ibra Acro Boy Not in the Olympics?

To start with, the gymnastics that he does is not exactly to the principle of acrobatics gymnastics held during the Olympics.

Ibra is more into parkour and free-running street sports, which are not categorized as a competing sport in the Olympic Games. This is why Ibra Acro Boy is not on the acrobatic gymnastics team of France for the Olympics. 

Nonetheless, we do not have any doubts about the skill and athleticism of this talented gymnast.

Given any chance to play in the qualifiers or if parkour is included in the Olympic games, Ibra Acro Boy has a fair chance to win a medal for his country.

We hope to see him soon competing on the world stage. 

His Vertical

You may have seen many articles where Ibra’s vertical was compared to Cristiano Ronaldo’s. Does he surpass him? Well, we think so.

Despite being just 5 feet 11 inches, Acro Boy certainly can execute a jump of way above 50 inches, around 5-10 inches more than Ronaldo can.

Previously Ibra Acro Boy’s vertical was predicted to be around 50 inches. There were controversies due to the calculation method and the camera angles that made it look like an illusion. But it looks legitimate despite arguments. 

Who is Ibra Acro Boy’s Girlfriend?

Ibra Acro Boy has never publicly spoken about his girlfriend or relationship in the media; hence the information is unavailable.

We are digging deep to extract the details of his love life; stick to us as we’ll update once we find them. 

How Much is Ibra Acro Boy’s Net Worth?

The estimated net worth of Ibra Acro Boy is around $500-$700 thousand, as of 2024.

The major source of his income is from advertisements on social media and street shows.

Despite being talented, he is relatively young and unnoticed till this period. We predict his worth to go up in the coming time as he has just started to hit the fame. 

Is He on Instagram?

He is active on Instagram with the handle “@ibra_acro_boy”, where he has more than 295 thousand followers with a post count of over 900. He usually posts his acrobatic video on Instagram. 

Ibra Acro Boy’s Parents

Ibra’s parents were originally from Guinea and emigrated to France to better their family. Further information about them is not available in the media. 

YouTube Channel

His YouTube channel is “Ibra Acro Boy”, where he has over 12 thousand subscribers. He joined the platform on June 24, 2015, and since then, he has been publishing his acrobatic videos. 

What is Ibra Acro Boy’s Real Name?

Ibrahima Bangoura is the real name of Ibra Acro Boy. 

Where is Ibra Acro Boy From?

Ibra Acro Boy is from Montepillar, France; however, his parents were originally from Guinea, West Africa. 

Who is Ibra Acro Boy’s Wife?

Ibra Acro Boy is unmarried. 

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