Celebrities With Big Noses

Celebrities have always been the topic of headlines and gossip. Somedays people remember and talk about them for their talents, while other days it’s just about their appearances and what they wear. Many celebrities have facial features that resemble the perfect gods and goddesses for which they get praised. But we will be going through those celebrities who are in the limelight for their unusual big nose. 

Meryl Steep

Meryl Steep is one of the legendary actresses who initially got bullied for having a big nose in Hollywood. Someone even suggested she fix her nose by undergoing the knife. However, she accepted herself by ignoring what others said and instead focused on policing her acting. 

Now, Steep is one the best actresses of her generation with twenty-one Oscars nominations, out of which she has won three.

Adam Driver

The famous actor of the hit movie Marriage story, Adam Driver, has a very peculiar face with prominent features like his big nose. 

Even before being an actor, while he was in the marine, many people pointed out that he has a big nose. But the two-time Oscar nominee, Driver, did not pay any attention to it and is living his life happily on his terms.

Sofia Coppola

The Oscar-nominated director always knew she had a big Italian nose. 

During her early days, she broke her nose and went to a doctor. The doctor asked her if she wanted to do a nose job. However, she rejected the idea. 

She gives the credit of her choice to Anjelica Huston, who assured her that she would grow into her nose. Since that day, Coppola has been flaunting her nose as a successful director, producer, and actress.

Ryan Gosling

As much as The Notebook actor is on the headlines for his excellent natural acting, he even gathered more headlines for undergoing the knife to reshape his nose. 

Gosling, who started his career on the screen as a child artist, underwent rhinoplasty to make his nose fit on the trends set up by Hollywood.

Patrick Dempsey

Partick Dempsey, famous for his role as Derek McDreamy Shepherd in the popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy, is another celebrity who is known for his nose. 

The many times Emmy Award nominee had an unusual nose initially. But the actor broke his nose in one of his hockey games, due to which he had to undergo rhinoplasty to maintain normal airflow in his nasal canal and fix his nasal septum. 

Though the surgery has changed his looks, he still has the original phenomenal acting.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is the nominee of many popular awards like the Teen Choice Awards and MTV Movie Awards. He is a phenomenal actor known for his acting talent in That 70’s Show, What Happens in Vegas, and many other projects. 

Kutcher is always on the news for his acting and his married life, but he also has gathered attention for undergoing rhinoplasty. The popular actor went under the knife to make his nose bridge a bit narrow and more refined.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is another celebrity who has a prominent nose. She is a two-time Emmy Award-winning actress who is best known for her role in Sex and the City. She is also a four-time winner of the Golden Globe Awards and a three-time winner of the Screen Actors Awards. 

Parker has always gathered attention from her audience, not only for her acting but also for her nose.

Maya Rudolph 

The comedian of Saturday Night Live is famous for her great timing and her acting. Besides her talents, she also gets talked about for having a big nose. 

However, it never burdened her. Instead of going for surgery, she embraced herself and worked hard. Now, her nose has become one of the distinguishing features of the successful singer-turned-actress and comedian.

Cate Blanchett

The two-time Oscar winner, Cate Blanchett, is an established actress, producer, and director. She has not only embraced her facial features but also flaunts them with pride.

The Lord of the Rings actress has a strong opinion when it comes to her nose. She believes that having a big nose has been a beauty trait for years, even though the trend disagrees with it. 

These celebrities were just a representative of many other celebrities of Hollywood. Though people talk about their noses, it is their talent that has made them a star. Though some celebrities chose surgery to follow the trend, many still stick by their natural features.

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