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Cali Swag District is the hip hop group best known for their catchy song, “Teach Me How To Dougie”, a sensation in 2010. The former artists of Death Row Records, Dairold Potts, and Big Wy, were the ones who formed the group.

The group initially was formed with four teenagers who had a knack for rap. Their free spirit used to bring fun to their songs. During their journey, two of them died, and the other two continued their journey as solo artists. But still, their “Dougie” dance is as popular as it was in 2010.

Biography & Wiki Quick Summary

Popular NameCali Swag District
Real NameCali Swag District
Date of establishment2009
Active years2009-2015
Place of establishmentInglewood, California
MembersM- Bone ( Monroe Talbert),
JayAre (Cahron Childs),
OFB Yung (Chante Glee)
Smoove Da General ( Corey Fowler)
Net worthUnknown

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Cali Swag District was a hip-hop group set up with four members, by Dairold Potts and Wytony Dillon (Big Wy). They brought four teenagers who used to stay in the same neighborhood and loved to rap.

Before setting up the group, both Big Wy and Dairold used to be artists at the Death Row Records founded by Dr. Dre, Dick Griffey, D.O.C., and Suge Knight. 

Once Cali Swag District got set up, the four members, JayAre, OFB Yung, Smoove Da General, and M-Bone, started to deepen their connection with rap.

Within one year of establishment, they signed a contract with Capitol Record and released their hit debut song, “ Teach Me How To Do Dougie”, in April 2010. The song was a hit on the USA Billboard Chart and ranked number 28.

It even came in number 6 among the US Rap Songs and number 9 on US Hot R&B hip hop songs.

Not only their song, but their dance move, “Dougie”, also became the dance move of 2010.

After this massive success, the group released “ Where You Are” in September. The song ranked 45 on the US Hot R&B and 22 on the US Rap songs list.

After their second song, the group asked Capitol records to release them from their contract as its parent company, EMI, was unstable.

Capito dissolved the contract, and the group then joined Sphinx Music Entertainment and released their third single, Kickback.

Along with many singles, the group also released many mixtapes like Deeper than the Dougie, RNS: D&G Lifestyle mixtape. The District was the last mixtape they released as a group.

During their career, the group lost two of its members. The remaining two members then left the group in 2015 and started their solo careers.

Deaths in the group

By the time the group dissolved, only two members were in the group, out of four. Two of the members of the Cali Swag District died during their career as a group.

At first, the twenty-two-year-old M-Bone was killed on 15th May 2011. He was shot twice in the head in his hometown Inglewood. It was the case of a drive-by shooting, which still has no lead.

Just after three years of M-Bone murder, another member JayAre too died. JayAre was a patient of sickle cell anemia. 

He got hospitalized after having a seizure during his sleep. While he was in the hospital, he had a cardiac arrest which led to his death.

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